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Mapping Starfield Bounty Kiosks: Full Guide to Self-Service Clearance in Every Location

Who says you have to play by the rules in Starfield? Sure, you can go through the game without engaging in any of the thrilling illegal activities, but where’s the excitement in that? When you have the option to sell contraband, pickpocket, and eliminate your enemies, why not seize the opportunity? Just keep in mind that these actions will result in a bounty on your head, so it might be a good idea to pay it off. Lucky for you, there are Bounty Clearance kiosks conveniently located throughout Starfield.

Discover the Self-Service Bounty Clearance Kiosks in Starfield

Most of the mission boards in Starfield are accompanied by a Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk. It’s a one-stop solution where you can settle your bounty. However, there’s a particular scenario that depends on the choices you make. If you don’t create any bounties of your own (we’ll discuss this later), you can find seven Bounty Clearance kiosks scattered throughout the game world. To help you on your adventures, here’s a list of their locations:

New Atlantis Bounty Clearance Kiosk

Finding the first Bounty Clearance kiosk in New Atlantis is a piece of cake. As soon as you touch down, make your way down the ramp and pass through the security checkpoint. Look to your left, and you won’t miss the vibrant Viewport Bar. Stepping inside, you’ll easily spot the Neon Bounty Clearance Kiosk tucked away in the back corner of the room.

If you find yourself in Neon, a bustling city with vibrant energy, and need to visit the Bounty Clearance kiosk, be prepared for a little adventure. The kiosk is located in the heart of the city, specifically at the end of the main street known as the Astral Lounge. Not only will you have a chance to clear your bounties, but you can also immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the lounge itself.

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Upon entering the Astral Lounge, keep an eye out for the Bounty Clearance kiosk, conveniently situated on the right-side wall. It won’t be hard to spot, ensuring you don’t waste any valuable time searching for it. And if you’re in the mood for some fun, why not take a break from the bounties and let loose on the dance floor? The Astral Lounge offers a perfect space to dance away the stresses of losing credits, allowing you to recharge before you continue your adventures.

Visit the Akila City Bounty Clearance Kiosk

If you happen to be in Akila City, finding the Bounty Clearance kiosk is as easy as taking a leisurely stroll. After arriving at the spaceport, simply make your way through the main gate and head towards the Hitching Post bar on your right. Once you step inside, you won’t miss the Bounty Clearance kiosk, conveniently located right next to the mission board. It’s a great activity to engage in, especially if you’re in the mood for some fun while enjoying a few drinks.

Conveniently located: Cydonia Bounty Clearance Kiosk

Located in the vibrant city of Cydonia on Mars, the next destination for all bounty hunters is the highly accessible Bounty Clearance kiosk. As soon as you pass through the airlock, follow the path to the right where you will come across the inviting Broken Spear bar. Just to the left of the bar’s entrance is the convenient Bounty Clearance kiosk, waiting to assist you in your thrilling missions. Adjacent to the kiosk, you will find a well-maintained mission board, offering a wide array of exciting opportunities for aspiring bounty hunters.

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Discover the Convenience of Your Outpost’s Bounty Clearance Kiosk

If you’re looking to take advantage of the Bounty Clearance feature in your Outpost, you’ll be glad to know that you can easily set up Bounty Clearance kiosks. By accessing the Build Mode on your device, you can navigate to the Miscellaneous tab, where you’ll find the Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk. To construct one, you’ll require the following resources:

  • 2x Beryllium
  • 2x Zero Wire
  • 4x Aluminum

Each Outpost can have a single Bounty Clearance Kiosk, and you can have a maximum of eight Outposts at any given time. This means you can strategically place up to eight kiosks throughout the vast Starfield world. Interestingly, I actually have one in my personal Outpost, although I can assure you that I wouldn’t use it frequently. Ahem, moving on…

Introducing the Trident Luxury Lines Bounty Clearance Kiosk

The Bounty Clearance kiosk, known as the Deimos Bounty Clearance Kiosk, is conveniently located near Akila City. Situated in the Cheyenne system, orbiting the planet of Akila, you’ll find the impressive Trident Luxury Lines space station. As you step onto the station, you’ll immediately notice the Bounty Clearance kiosk, strategically positioned to the right of the entryway. This kiosk serves as a central hub where you can access various bounties available for undertaking.

Conveniently located at the Trident Luxury Lines space station

If you’re searching for the Hopetown Bounty Clearance Kiosk, look no further than the Sol system. Located near the moon of Deimos, you’ll find this essential destination within the Deimos shipyard. Once inside, you won’t have any difficulty spotting it.

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Discover the Hopetown Bounty Clearance Kiosk

If you find yourself in Hopetown (Polvo, Valo System) and need to clear your bounty, look no further than the Bounty Clearance kiosk. Located in the Pit Stop bar, you’ll spot it in the back left corner, right alongside a mission board.

Clearing Your Bounty Made Easy

Gone are the days of traveling to specific systems and dealing with security teams to pay off your bounties. Thanks to the Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk, you can now handle everything yourself. Interacting with the kiosk will bring up a menu displaying all your active bounties and their respective prices, along with a small convenience fee for using the kiosk. Simply choose which bounties you want to clear, and the required Credits will be deducted from your total. While this method may cost more than the traditional way, the convenience it offers is well worth it.

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