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Starfield Crafting Materials List: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding, Gathering, and Using Resources

If you’re wondering how to obtain materials and resources in Starfield, you’ve come to the right place. While the following list is not exhaustive, it provides a good starting point for collecting the materials you need. These materials can be found on various planets and moons throughout the galaxy.

Before diving into the details, I recommend checking out other Starfield guides available. Familiarizing yourself with the latest information on Starfield planets, weapons, and research projects will give you more insight and motivate you to seek out special materials.

Here are some of the Starfield materials that have been discovered:

Material Symbol Location (planet/moon)
Water H2O Jemison, Zamka
Chlorine Cl Jemison
Lead Pb Jemison
Argon Ar Jemison, Chawla

How to find Starfield materials

Finding Starfield materials is as simple as selecting a planet or moon from the map screen. Once you’re in close proximity, you can scan the surface to populate the list on the left with the available resources.

After scanning, use the “Show Resources” prompt to view the planet’s topography and see the colors of the terrain corresponding to the listed resources.

Where to buy Starfield materials

Believe it or not, one of the easiest ways to obtain rare Starfield materials is by purchasing them. Visit Wen Tseng at the UC Distribution Center in Starfield New Atlantis, located near the Commercial District and MAST stations. Completing the Vanguard Starfield missions and becoming a UC citizen will also give you a discount on the base prices.

Keep in mind that once a particular resource is sold out, you’ll need to wait for Wen’s supply to restock, which usually takes an in-game week.

Here are the Starfield materials available for purchase at the UC Distribution Center:

Starfield Materials: Gathering and Rarity
Learn how to gather Starfield materials and understand their rarity levels.

How do I gather Starfield materials?
The cheapest way to gather Starfield materials is through the method the game teaches you at the very beginning — mining with the Cutter.

What are the dots about Starfield materials on the map?
Discover the significance of the dots above Starfield materials on the map and how they indicate rarity levels.

How can I get more rare Starfield materials?
Find out how to obtain more rare Starfield materials and enhance your resource collection in the game.

Unlocking and upgrading skills in Starfield can greatly enhance your harvesting capabilities for both organic and inorganic materials. By investing in skills like Geology, you’ll be able to obtain more minerals, while skills like Botany will help you gather flora for medicinal purposes.

What can you do with Starfield materials?

Starfield materials, such as Copper, Aluminum, and Silver, have various applications in crafting and research projects. These valuable resources are commonly used in the Industrial Workbench to create Outpost equipment. Additionally, a wide range of minerals, materials, and items can be used to discover and apply modifications to armor and weapons.

For further guidance in Starfield, be sure to explore the best crew members to accompany you on your material-gathering journey. Optimal character builds can also be beneficial, so consider checking them out before making your final decisions. Understanding Starfield ships can also contribute to smoother adventures.

If you’re still hungry for more information, while a reliable Starfield wiki can be a useful resource, our new Starfield Database goes above and beyond. It offers daily news updates, searchable databanks, and interactive tools to enhance your gameplay experience.

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