starfield difficulty differences

Starfield Difficulty Differences: Exploring Every Option and Change in the Epic Space Odyssey

Choosing the Right Difficulty Level in Starfield: A Guide

Embarking on your intergalactic journey in Starfield means facing decisions from the very beginning, including the all-important choice of difficulty level. The difficulty setting determines the level of challenge you’ll encounter as you explore the vastness of space. Rest assured, Starfield offers a range of options to cater to different player preferences, just like previous Bethesda titles.

Starfield presents five difficulty options to choose from: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard. Each of these options affects enemy hit points (HP) and damage throughout the universe. As you adjust the difficulty, you’ll immediately notice the impact on enemy HP. Yet, that’s not the only distinction between the settings.

Understanding Each Difficulty Setting

  • Very Easy
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Very Hard

Differences in Difficulty Levels

Damage is another crucial factor. As you increase the difficulty, enemies in Starfield will deal significantly higher damage. While some enemies may exhibit more aggression on the Very Hard setting, the difference isn’t overly pronounced. The primary modifiers in difficulty are damage and HP.

Furthermore, higher difficulty levels increase the likelihood of encountering legendary enemies. Very Hard mode offers the highest chance of encountering such foes, whereas Very Easy has the lowest probability. It’s worth noting that greater risk yields greater rewards. Tougher enemies are more likely to drop legendary loot, so increasing the difficulty can lead to discovering more valuable items.

New Game Plus Difficulty in Starfield

When starting a New Game Plus (NG+) in Starfield, the difficulty remains adjustable. You can freely choose from the same set of five difficulty options at any time. No new difficulty levels unlock upon entering NG+. However, as you begin NG+ at a higher level, you’ll encounter more formidable enemies more frequently, naturally increasing the game’s overall difficulty compared to your initial playthrough.

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Changing the Difficulty Level in Starfield

If you want to add some challenge to your Starfield adventure, adjusting the difficulty level is a great way to amp up the excitement. To do this, simply navigate to the main menu, which can be accessed from the inventory screen. Once in the main menu, locate the Settings option and click on it. Within the Settings section, you will find a tab called Gameplay. Open this tab, and you’ll see the difficulty options right at the top. It’s as easy as sliding the bar to your desired level and diving back into the game with a whole new level of intensity.

Changing Difficulty in Starfield Mid-Game: A Game Changer!

In Starfield, you have the incredible freedom to alter the difficulty settings without any consequences, allowing you to fully customize your gaming experience. Don’t worry about being stuck with one setting once you’ve started the game.

To change the difficulty in Starfield while playing, simply pause the game and access the Options menu. From there, navigate to Settings and then Gameplay. In this section, you can effortlessly switch the difficulty level to match your preferred challenge. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different difficulty levels to find the perfect balance of excitement and enjoyment. If you feel too overpowered or the enemies are hitting too hard, remember that adjusting the difficulty is always an option.

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