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Unlocking Starfield: A Comprehensive Guide to Faction IDs and Backgrounds

Starfield offers an incredible character creation and customization system that allows you to personalize every aspect of your character, from their appearance to their professional background and traits. You can even join factions or find yourself in trouble with them if you happen to commit a crime. If you’re interested in experimenting with console cheats to assign yourself a different background or pay off your bounty with a specific faction, then our Faction and Background ID lists will come in handy.

Below, we have compiled a list of known Faction IDs:

Crimson Fleet 00010B30
Freestar Collective 000638E5
Freestar Rangers 00096529
House Va’ruun 002758C5
Ryujin Industries 0026FDEA
Red Mile 002B209D
Ryujin Industries 0017CF8D
Trade Authority 0022E53D
United Colonies 0005BD93
Xenofresh Corporation 0022892D

If you want to pay off a bounty, you can use the command player.paycrimegold 0 0 [ID], where [ID] refers to the Faction ID. For example, to pay off your bounty with the Crimson Fleet, you would use the ID 00010B30 (or simply 10B30 without brackets).

List of Background IDs in Starfield

Are you looking to change your character’s background using cheat commands? Look no further!

Beast Hunter 0022EC76
Bouncer 0022EC81
Bounty Hunter 0022EC80
Chef 0022EC7F
Combat Medic 0022EC7E
Cyber Runner 0022EC7D
Cyberneticist 0022EC7C
Diplomat 0022EC7B
Explorer 0022EC79
Gangster 0022EC78
Homesteader 0022EC77
Industrialist 0022EC7A
Long Hauler 0022EC75
Pilgrim 0022EC73
Professor 0022EC72
Ronin 0022EC74
Sculptor 0022EC71
Soldier 0022EC70
Space Scoundrel 0022EC6F
Xenobiologist 0022EC6E

To add a background, use the command player.addperk [ID]. To remove a background, use player.removeperk [ID]. Alternatively, you can use the command showlooksmenu player 1 to reset your character creation process entirely. Please note that the [ID] in these commands refers to the Background ID. For example, to become a Soldier, you would use the ID 0022EC70 (without brackets).

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