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Understanding Starfield Food: What Does it Do and Why it Matters?

Wondering about the role of food in Starfield? Well, in this epic space game, keeping your energy levels up is crucial as you embark on your heroic adventures. And what better way to do that than with some scrumptious Starfield food? We’re absolutely thrilled to share that Starfield puts a lot of effort into recreating a variety of delectable dishes.

The anticipation for the Starfield release date is reaching new heights, and for good reason. This game transports players and their Starfield companions to explore entire solar systems with just a click of a button. However, today we’re here to uncover the culinary delights that the Settled Systems has in store for us.

What does Starfield food do?

Similar to other Bethesda titles, food in Starfield serves the purpose of replenishing your HP (health points) and even providing temporary buffs. While most of the food in Starfield offers a standard healing boost, there are a few unique dishes with additional benefits. For instance, the orange juice box not only restores health but also increases your oxygen stat. You might come across dishes that enhance your character’s Starfield weapon abilities or boost endurance in harsh conditions.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the Starfield food items we’ve discovered so far:

Food Description Effect Value
Midnight Delight A snack made from a smattering of available ingredients. Restores five health 55
Orange Juice of Transcendence Rumored to be the most refreshing orange juice in all the Settled Systems. Minus one health for one minute
Plus eight oxygen for five minutes
Patty Melt A hamburger patty smothered in cheese and grilled on toast. Usually served with a side of chipped potatoes. Restores 15 health 295
Synthameat Steak Butcher’s best steak. Made from Synthameat, the Settled Systems’ premiere synthetic meat product. Restores three health 155
Ta’Ameya Pita Two falafel-stuffed flatbreads, drizzled with a yoghurt sauce. Restores 15 health 295
Trilo Bits Small alien arthropods, sauteed and served with whipped butter. Restores 15 health 740
Toast A slice of toasted white bread. Best enjoyed when buttered or jellied, but can be eaten ‘as is’ in a pinch. Restores three health 35
Boom Pop! Cherry Cherry-flavored Boom Pop! Soda. Restores three health
Ten percent 02 recovery for three minutes
Boom Pop! Orange Orange-flavored Boom Pop! Soda. Restores three health
Ten percent 02 recovery for three minutes
Boom Pop! Rhubarb Rhubarb-flavored Boom Pop! Soda. Restores three health
Ten percent 02 recovery for three minutes
CAN-uck! Poutine CAN-uck! brand poutine, sold in their distinct and trademarked can. Restores five health 102
CAN-uck! Tourtiere CAN-uck! brand tourtiere, sold in their distinct and trademarked can. Restores five health 102
Chocolate Labs Centauri Mills’ chocolates, shaped like an extinct canine called a Labrador Retriever. Restores five health 88
Chunks Beef – Packaged A beef-flavored Chunks food cube. Packaged for freshness. Restores five health 102
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When it comes to food in Starfield, the options are virtually limitless. From mouth-watering delicacies to delectable treats, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Our team is constantly on the lookout for new and exciting Starfield food discoveries, and we update our list regularly to bring you the latest culinary delights.

But food is just one aspect of the Starfield universe. To fully immerse yourself in this epic adventure, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the Starfield companions and the system requirements. By checking out our comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-prepared for the thrilling journey that awaits you.

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