starfield gear stats explained

Starfield Gear Stats Explained: A Comprehensive Guide on Armor Sets, Stats, Mass, and Value

Are you ready to gear up with the best Starfield armor? In this guide, we will walk you through the top armor sets in Starfield to ensure your survival in the vast universe. Whether you are a seasoned Bethesda fan or new to the game, it’s important to prioritize your protection in this sci-fi setting. Let’s dive in!

Starfield armor serves as your first line of defense against the dangers of the universe. Just like in previous Bethesda RPG games, armor in Starfield is divided into multiple parts, including headgear, chest pieces, and limb protection. These sets are worn above cosmetic items and offer varying degrees of defense.

Undoubtedly, the ultimate Starfield armor set is the Mark 1 Constellation. To obtain it, head to The Lodge (Constellation Headquarters) and follow the path downstairs. Make your way through the rooms until you reach a cabinet in a room with a painting and a sheet-covered sofa. You will need Security level 3 (Master lockpicking) to unlock the cabinet and claim your Mark 1 Constellation armor.

However, there’s a sneakier method to acquire the Mark 1 Constellation armor without using Starfield digipicks. By manipulating the reticle to align between the hinges on the right side of the door, you can trick the game into recognizing it as a “Mannequin,” allowing you to easily collect the armor. This is worth considering as the Mark 1 Constellation armor provides excellent defense and resistance against most types of environmental damage, except corrosive.

There is one armor set, the Starborn Spacesuit Avitus, that surpasses the Mark 1 Constellation in terms of protection. However, obtaining it is more of a completion bonus. You can find the Starborn Spacesuit Avitus inside the Starborn Guardian VI Spaceship, which becomes accessible after completing eight Starfield New Game Plus playthroughs. This suit offers unparalleled physical protection and the best resistance to thermal, corrosive, airborne, and radiation hazards.

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Discover all the Starfield armor sets

In Starfield, you have the freedom to mix and match different armor sets to suit your style. Each armor set represents a specific faction or theme in the game, and they can be collected as you explore the universe. Additionally, you can equip your Starfield companions with these armor sets to ensure their safety as well.

Here are some of the exciting armor sets you can expect to encounter on your journey:

  • Bounty Hunter
  • Constellation
  • Deep Mining
  • Deep Recon
  • Deepcore
  • Deepseeker
  • Deimos
  • Ecliptic
  • Explorer
  • Experimental Nishina
  • Gran-Gran
  • Ground Crew
  • Mantis
  • Mark 1
  • Mercenary
  • Mercury
  • Navigator
  • Old Earth
  • Peacemaker
  • Pirate Assault
  • Pirate Charger
  • Pirate Corsair
  • Pirate Sniper
  • Ranger
  • Shocktroop
  • Space Trucker
  • Star Roamer
  • Starborn
  • Sysdef
  • SY-920 Pilot
  • Trackers Alliance
  • UC
  • UC Ace
  • UC Antixeno
  • UC Marine
  • UC Security
  • UC Urbanwar
  • UC Vanguard
  • Utility
  • Va’Ruun

Each armor set consists of a spacesuit and helmet. While some sets offer overall protection, others specialize in defense against specific hazards in the game.

Starfield armor: Protect yourself in style

When it comes to the Starfield game, having the right armor is crucial for your survival. Each part of the Starfield armor excels at resisting different types of weapons, so you need to choose wisely. Here are the weapon resistances for each part:

  • PHYS: Perfect for defending against melee or traditional ballistic weapons.
  • ENG: Provides excellent protection against energy weapons.
  • EM: Designed to withstand electromagnetic weapons.

However, Starfield is not just about battling with guns. As you explore alien worlds, your Starfield armor serves as a defensive shield, protecting you from various harmful elements. Here are some of the additional resistances you can expect:

  • Thermal: Shielding against extreme temperature changes.
  • Airborne: Protection from airborne toxins or pollutants.
  • Corrosive: Resisting corrosive substances or acids.
  • Radiation: Defending against harmful radiation exposure.
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It’s important to note that armor of a particular rarity may have modifiers, similar to weapon mods. These modifiers can grant bonuses such as increased resistance against specific enemy types or a higher total oxygen consumption capacity.

Considerations: Mass and Value of Starfield Armor

Your Starfield armor has a mass that is taken into account when calculating your overall equipment weight. This will determine whether you remain within your mass allowance or become over-encumbered. Similar to Fallout and Skyrim, there are likely ways to increase your mass allowance to wear heavier armor without compromising mobility.

Furthermore, each piece of Starfield armor has a specific value. You can choose to sell it to vendors in Starfield cities or scrap it to free up space in your inventory once it’s no longer useful.

To fully prepare yourself for the challenges of outer space, we recommend exploring Starfield skills and traits that can further enhance your resilience. And if you’re eager for more information, our comprehensive Starfield Database offers daily news, searchable databanks, and interactive tools to assist you on your journey. While a Starfield wiki can be helpful, our database goes above and beyond.






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