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Starfield Headlock: Consequences of Killing or Persuading in Game and Insights on Nikola L

Neon, the mesmerizing city in Starfield, exudes an irresistible allure with its gritty and dangerous charm. As I delved into the game, one particular quest caught my attention: “Mob Mentality.” This quest revolves around helping Tevin, a local store owner, deal with the notorious gang member, Headlock. The decision of whether to eliminate or persuade Headlock weighed heavily on my mind. Here’s what you should consider when facing Headlock in Starfield.

Once you gather information about Headlock’s whereabouts from Frankie, it’s time to confront him at the warehouse where he is hiding. Accompanied by his guards, you engage in a crucial dialogue where you must decide Headlock’s fate. Interestingly, the rewards offered by Tevin remain the same regardless of your choice, but the consequences differ significantly.

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If You Choose to Kill Headlock in Starfield

If you opt for a more violent approach and murder Headlock along with his henchmen, you are rewarded with valuable loot and gear that can be sold for credits. Rest assured, your Companion should understand the necessity of your actions (though it’s always worth checking their reaction in the top-right corner).

If You Choose to Persuade Headlock in Starfield

Successfully persuading Headlock offers a different set of benefits. You earn experience points and enhance your Persuasion skills, which can prove advantageous in future gameplay. Personally, I prefer a diplomatic approach whenever possible, as honing Persuasion skills opens doors to numerous opportunities in the game.

It’s worth noting that even after persuading Headlock, you still have the option to eliminate him. However, keep in mind that your Companion may not appreciate your impulsive act of violence.

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