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Starfield In Memoriam Quest Bugged: Understanding and Fixing Sarah Morgan’s Bug

In a vast and ambitious role-playing game like Starfield, it’s not surprising that a few bugs can appear along the way. Some may be minor and even amusing, while others can be more severe and potentially disrupt the entire game. One notable bug that players may encounter is related to the In Memoriam quest when trying to romance the companion Sarah Morgan. If you’re eager to resolve this bug and continue your Starfield adventure smoothly, here’s what you should know.

Understanding the In Memoriam Bug in Starfield

Interestingly, this bug can manifest itself in various ways, although they generally revolve around a common theme.

For instance, you may find that you’re unable to engage in dialogue with Sona, Sarah Morgan may stop accompanying you when it’s time to collect the gene tags, or she may freeze randomly in any location. These issues ultimately result in either being unable to recruit Sarah as a permanent companion or freezing your game entirely.

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How to Fix Sarah Morgan’s In Memoriam Bug

Are you having trouble with the Sarah Morgan’s In Memoriam bug in Starfield? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have compiled a few workarounds that have proven to be successful for many players. Give them a try:

  • Unassign Sarah from your Ship or Outpost: Many Reddit users have reported that this simple step has resolved the issue. If it doesn’t work on its own, try fast-travelling back to The Lodge, locate Sarah, and speak to her. Ask her to follow you and return to the point where you encountered the bug during the In Memoriam quest. This should fix the problem.
  • Talk to everyone in The Lodge: During the Missed Beyond Measure quest, make sure to have conversations with all the characters in The Lodge, including Andreja, Barrett, Sam, Matteo, Cora, etc. According to some reports, this can sometimes resolve the bug.
  • Roll back to a previous save: If all else fails, consider reverting to a previous save that is relatively close to your current save. This may be a viable solution, especially if you have been saving your progress regularly.
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Unfortunately, there is no foolproof fix for this bug. However, we hope that one of the solutions mentioned above will help you overcome the In Memoriam quest bug in Starfield. For more exciting content, check out the best mods and hidden easter eggs in the game. And remember, for all your gaming needs, Twinfinite has got you covered.

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