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Starfield Lucky Boots Guide: Starting your Mission, Making Decisions, and Insights from Daniel Wenerowicz

When you step into Antonio Bianchi’s shop in the Well of New Atlantis, you might find yourself in the middle of a heated conversation between him and an angry customer about the infamous Lucky Boots in the immersive world of Starfield. Suddenly, Bianchi needs your help to dispose of the cursed boots and offers you a side quest called “The Boot.” Now, it’s up to you to decide whether to make the delivery or sell them.

Starting the Lucky Boots Mission in Starfield

To embark on the Lucky Boots mission in Starfield, make your way to the UC Vanguard Surplus shop in New Atlantis, specifically The Well area (coordinates: X: 12065, Y: 8669). Take the elevator down to The Well and seek out Antonio Bianchi. Before he’ll give you the quest, you must have conducted business with him previously.

Once you’ve established that prior business connection, ride the elevator back up and then take it back down to The Well. There, you’ll witness a confrontation between a customer and Antonio regarding the cursed Lucky Boots. After the argument concludes, speak with Antonio, who will assign you the task of delivering the Lucky Boots.

Now, here’s an important tip: Do not be tempted to sell the Lucky Boots to the Worker in The Den, even if he offers you a quick 500 Credits. It’s vital to stay focused on the main objective of “The Boot” mission. Simply drop off the boots in the designated box within The Den and promptly return to Antonio Bianchi. Deviating from this path will likely lead to unfavorable consequences in the chaotic universe of Starfield.

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If you believe Bianchi, delivering the Lucky Boots will only bring more trouble to the Worker. And to make matters worse, he only has 500 Credits on hand.

Discover the Outcome of Delivering the Lucky Boots in Starfield

By dropping the boots in the delivery box, you can confirm the success of your mission for Bianchi. In return, he rewards you with a generous 2,000 Credits. Everyone ends up happy and you receive a hefty reward for your efforts.

Unveiling the Consequences of Selling the Lucky Boots in Starfield

Initially, selling the boots for 500 credits may seem like a great idea. However, you soon discover that they come with a curse that brings about the worst possible outcome. The worker you sell them to will meet a tragic fate, crushed by a heavy crate by the time you return to them!

You may think that you can maximize profit by selling the boots and attempting to deceive or persuade Antonio Bianchi back at his shop in New Atlantis. However, be aware that he can see if a rain cloud of bad luck hovers over your head as you return. So, good luck trying to trick the vendor in Starfield.

Remember, Bianchi himself offers plenty of goods that you can acquire before heading to the Wold system or after completing the quest. It all depends on your current needs, and this vendor will be grateful for your assistance.

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