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Understanding Starfield Magazines: A Comprehensive How-To User Guide

Curious about the wonders of Starfield magazines? These elusive magazines are scattered throughout the vast expanse of the universe, each one holding incredible stat upgrades just waiting to be discovered. Fans of the Fallout series will find familiarity in this mechanic, as Starfield magazines offer similar benefits in the form of perks and skills. The best part? Once you read a Starfield magazine, the upgrade it provides becomes a permanent part of your character. You can proudly showcase the magazine in your ship as a testament to your accomplishments, or even sell it to vendors for extra credits. So, get ready to embark on an adventure and uncover these coveted treasures!

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When exploring the vast universe in Starfield, you’ll come across numerous Starfield magazines that are worth collecting. Similar to Fallout 4, it’s expected that there will be an abundance of these magazines, potentially over 100, providing valuable upgrades to enhance your Starfield builds. To optimize your intergalactic journey, it’s essential to know the locations of these magazines and avoid unnecessary backtracking.

Here is a comprehensive list of known Starfield magazines and the upgrades they offer:

Starfield Magazine Issue Upgrade
Constellation Guide 01 Permanently reduces fall damage by 5%.
Combatech Catalog 02 Slightly increases the range and accuracy of CombaTech weapons.
Combatech Catalog 05 Slightly increases the range and accuracy of CombaTech weapons.
Grunt Issue 07 Ballistic weapons permanently do 5% more critical damage.
Mining Monthly 01 Permanently increases tool-grip weapon damage by 2%.
Mining Monthly 05 Permanently increases tool-grip weapon damage by an additional 2%.
Peak Performance 01 Permanently increases carrying capacity by 5kg.
The New Atlantian 01 Permanently grants the recipe for The Deep food item.
Trackers Primer 02 Permanently increases ballistic weapon damage by 5%.
Trackers Primer 05 Permanently increases EM weapon damage by 5%.
UC Defense Manual 04 Slightly increases magazine size and weapon bash critical chance for all Allied Armaments guns.
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That concludes our details on Starfield magazines. If you’re interested, don’t forget to check out our list of Starfield guns to find the best weapons available in this exciting RPG. Additionally, for those curious about the length of the game, we have a handy list of Starfield missions to track your main campaign progress.

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