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Starfield Research Project: Making the Most Out of Your Space Exploration Endeavours

Starfield research projects are a crucial aspect of the game, divided into five different categories. These laboratory research projects offer an incentive to collect a variety of trinkets, materials, and minerals as you explore the vastness of space. While you can certainly enjoy the freedom of interstellar travel without engaging in research, you’ll ultimately be limiting your own potential.

By investing time in Starfield crafting sessions, tinkering with the resources you gather, you’ll be able to create more powerful Starfield guns. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of other restoratives you craft at various stations. In essence, conducting research allows you to perfect your preferred Starfield build, but keep in mind that navigating the multitude of planets in search of the necessary materials may be a challenge.

Let’s take a look at the different categories of Starfield research projects, the specific projects they entail, and the benefits they provide once completed:

Research Category Required Materials Crafting Unlock
Barrel Mods 1 Weaponry Fe – Iron (20)
Ni – Nickel (20)
Sealant (10)
Additional barrel mods
Barrel Mods 2 Weaponry TBC TBC
Grip and Stock Mods 1 Weaponry Aluminum (3)
Nickel (3)
Sealant (3)
Additional grips and stocks
Grip and Stock Mods 2 Weaponry TBC TBC
Grip and Stock Mods 3 Weaponry TBC TBC
Helmet Mods 1 Equipment Tungsten (3)
Cosmetic (2)
Polymer (3)
Additional helmet mods
Magazine and Battery Mods 1 Weaponry Titanium (5)
Lithium (3)
Plastic (3)
Improved magazines and batteries

These research projects provide exciting opportunities for players to unlock new modifications and enhancements for their weaponry and equipment in Starfield. Utilizing the required materials, you can unleash the full potential of your in-game items, making your interstellar journey even more thrilling and rewarding.

Unlock the power of mods in your favorite games

Mods can take your gaming experience to the next level, adding new features, enhancing performance, and giving you a competitive edge. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top mods available for different categories in the game. Let’s dive in!

Superior magazine and battery mods

Upgrade your weapons with these mods to increase ammo capacity and battery life. They provide you with superior firepower and extended gameplay without worrying about running out of ammo.

Medical Treatment 1

This mod focuses on pharmacology and provides essential resources like antimicrobial agents, amino acids, and aluminum. With this mod, you can craft antibiotic paste and infused bandages to heal yourself quickly in the game.

Medical Treatment 2

While details about this mod are yet to be revealed, it is expected to provide additional pharmacological benefits that will enhance your character’s ability to recover from injuries and boost overall health.

Muzzle Mods 1

Improve the performance of your firearms with this mod. By using titanium, tungsten, and sealant, you can enhance the muzzle of your weapons, resulting in improved accuracy, reduced recoil, and increased damage.

Muzzle Mods 2

Stay tuned for updates on this mod, which promises even greater enhancements for your weapons’ muzzle. It will take your firepower to new heights, providing enhanced performance during intense battles.

Optics and Laser Mods 1

Want to add more precision and aim to your gameplay? This mod is perfect for you. By utilizing aluminum, chlorosilanes, and sealant, it allows you to attach advanced optic mods and laser mods for improved targeting and increased accuracy.

Optics and Laser Mods 2

The details of this mod are currently under wraps, but it’s expected to offer a wider range of optic and laser mods, further enhancing your aiming accuracy and giving you an edge in combat situations.

Optics and Laser Mods 3

Coming soon! This mod will bring even more options for optic and laser modifications, allowing you to fully customize and fine-tune your weapons for optimum performance.

Performance Enhancement 1

Boost your character’s overall performance and capabilities with this pharmacological mod. It utilizes argon to provide various benefits, giving your character a distinct advantage in the game.

With these powerful mods at your disposal, you’ll be able to take your gaming experience to new heights. Stay tuned for more updates and explore the exciting world of modding!

Tetrafluorides (2)
Metabolic Agent (3)
Red Trench

Performance Enhancement 2

Resource Extraction 1
Outpost development
Drilling Rig (5)
Mag Pressure Tank (8)
Adaptive Frame (10)
Aluminum (30)
Copper (20)
Chlorosilanes (10)
Commercial Extractors

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Beverage Development 1
Food and Drink
Spice (2)
Fiber (3)
Water (3)
Alien Tonic

Are you looking for information on Tetrafluorides and Metabolic Agents? These substances play a significant role in a variety of fields, including performance enhancement and resource extraction. The Amp and Red Trench are also relevant in this regard.

When it comes to performance enhancement, the right combination of pharmacology and various components can make a world of difference. While specific details may still be under development (TBC), it’s essential to consider the drilling rig, mag pressure tank, adaptive frame, and the quantities of aluminum, copper, and chlorosilanes.

In the realm of beverage development, there are fascinating opportunities to explore. By combining spices, fiber, and water, you can create unique and delicious concoctions such as the Alien Tonic.

Whether you’re interested in these products for research, development, or industrial purposes, understanding their properties and applications is crucial. Stay tuned for further updates on the exciting world of Tetrafluorides, Metabolic Agents, and more!Yellow Giant Splash is a refreshing boba tea that combines the sweetness of giant yellow fruits with a splash of alien-inspired flavors. Created with the perfect balance of ingredients, this unique beverage is sure to delight your taste buds.

When it comes to decorating your space, Yellow Giant Splash offers a variety of options. From structural elements to ornamental pieces, you can create a visually pleasing environment that showcases your personal style. With three units of fiber, three units of ornamental materials, and two units of furniture and decorations, you have everything you need to transform your space into a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

In addition to creating a beautiful space, Yellow Giant Splash also offers opportunities for growth and development. With Domestication Level 1, you can establish an outpost development and set up a commercial animal husbandry facility. By combining five units of molecular sieve, ten units of adaptive frame, thirty units of aluminum, ten units of sealant, and ten units of adhesive, you can create a state-of-the-art facility that focuses on animal husbandry.

If you have a green thumb, Horticulture Level 1 is perfect for you. With eight units of mag pressure tank and ten units of adaptive frame, you can create an outpost development that prioritizes horticulture. This allows you to grow a variety of plants and create a lush, green oasis that adds life and vibrancy to your space.

With Yellow Giant Splash, the possibilities are endless. From refreshing beverages to stunning decorations and opportunities for growth, this boba tea has it all. So why wait? Dive into the world of Yellow Giant Splash and experience the wonders it has to offer.

Tungsten: A Versatile and Resilient Nutrient and Metabolic Agent

Tungsten is not only a durable and sturdy material but also a crucial nutrient and metabolic agent in various industries. Whether it is used in commercial greenhouses, internal mods, or manufacturing processes, tungsten plays a key role in enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

In commercial greenhouses, tungsten is utilized for its exceptional strength and heat resistance. This makes it an ideal material for constructing greenhouse structures that can withstand harsh weather conditions and provide a stable environment for plants to thrive.

When it comes to internal mods, tungsten is a preferred choice for enhancing the performance of weaponry. Its high density and ability to withstand extreme temperatures make it an excellent choice for creating superior internal mods that optimize the efficiency and power of weapons.

Moreover, in manufacturing processes, tungsten is used in the production of various components. Alongside materials such as iridium, sealant, and adaptive frame, tungsten contributes to the creation of simple fabricators and small warehouse modules. These modules are essential for efficient outpost development and streamlining production.

In conclusion, tungsten is a versatile mineral that serves multiple purposes. From being a nutrient and metabolic agent to providing strength and durability, tungsten is a valuable resource in various industries. Its utilization in commercial greenhouses, internal mods, and manufacturing processes demonstrates its importance in enhancing productivity and achieving optimal performance.

Inter-system Cargo Links

Category Recipe Required Ingredients Product
Food and Drink Old Earth Cuisine 1 Bread (3)
Red Meat (2)
Cheese (2)
Food and Drink Mixology 1 Aromatic (2)
Alkanes (2)
Spice (3)
Alien Liquor
Outpost Development Outpost Defense 1 Zero Wire (8)
Positron Battery (3)
Aluminum (30)
Titanium (10)
Copper (5)
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Looking to enhance your inter-system cargo delivery? Here’s a list of valuable cargo links that can help boost your profits and satisfy demand across systems. These links are carefully curated for specific categories and recipes, ensuring your cargo arrives safely and on time.

Old Earth Cuisine 1: This recipe is perfect for Food and Drink enthusiasts. Gather 3 Bread, 2 Red Meat, and 2 Cheese to create mouthwatering dishes like Reuben or Meatloaf.

Mixology 1: If you’re in the beverage industry, Mixology 1 is a must. Combine 2 Aromatic, 2 Alkanes, and 3 Spice to create an exquisite Alien Liquor that will leave your customers craving for more.

Outpost Defense 1: For those involved in Outpost Development, Outpost Defense 1 is vital. It requires 8 Zero Wire, 3 Positron Battery, 30 Aluminum, 10 Titanium, and 5 Copper. These resources will help strengthen and protect your outpost, ensuring it remains secure and prosperous for years to come.

With these inter-system cargo links, you’ll be able to meet demands, gain loyal customers, and maximize your profits. So, hop on board and embark on a successful intergalactic trade journey!

Fourine – Upgrades for Security Mini Bot, Turret Mk II, Equipment, and Weaponry

In the world of gaming, Fourine offers a range of exciting upgrades to enhance your gaming experience. Let’s take a look at some of the upgrades available for the Security Mini Bot, Turret Mk II, Equipment, and Weaponry.

For the Security Mini Bot and Turret Mk II, the Mini Bot Pack Mods 1 upgrade provides improved capabilities. It requires 5 units of Monopropellant, 8 units of Mag Pressure Tank, 10 units of Aluminium, and 10 units of Beryllium. Once upgraded, these bots will be more efficient in their security duties.

When it comes to Equipment, the Power Generation 1 upgrade is a game-changer. This upgrade enables the use of advanced wind turbines, resulting in a more sustainable power supply for your outpost. To unlock this upgrade, you’ll need 10 units of Zero Wire, 8 units of Isocentered Magnet, 10 units of Adaptive Frame, 30 units of Silver, 20 units of Copper, and 10 units of Cobalt.

Lastly, for Weaponry, the Receiver Mods 1 upgrade is a must-have. It enhances the performance of your weapons by using isotopic coolant. This upgrade requires 5 units of Isotopic Coolant.

With these upgrades, your gaming experience will reach new heights. Take advantage of Fourine’s innovative technology and improve your gameplay today!

Microsecond Regulator (3) Ytterbium (10) Titanium (30) Lubricant (10)
cutting-edge Receiver mods Robots 1 Outpost Development Zero Wire (10)
Aluminum (3) Beryllium (3) Garden Mini Bot Sanitation Mini Bot Engineering Robot
Spacesuit Mods 1 Equipment Polytextile (8) Copper (5) Cosmetic (5)

In this table, you can find a list of various items and their corresponding quantities. Microsecond Regulator requires 3 units, Ytterbium requires 10 units, Titanium requires 30 units, and Lubricant requires 10 units.

The next row includes information about cutting-edge Receiver mods, Robots 1, Outpost Development, and Zero Wire (10).

Below that, you will find the quantities needed for Aluminum (3) and Beryllium (3), as well as the types of robots: Garden Mini Bot, Sanitation Mini Bot, and Engineering Robot.

Lastly, you can see the requirements for Spacesuit Mods 1 and Equipment. It includes Polytextile (8), Copper (5), and Cosmetic (5). These items are used in the creation of Improved Spacesuit mods.

Categories of the Starfield Research Project

In the Starfield Research Project, there are five distinct categories. Each category focuses on specific projects related to unlocks and items within that field.

One category is Pharmacology, which involves researching projects to enhance the potency of restoratives and develop medicines to combat dangerous diseases. This opens up new areas of planets that would otherwise be too hazardous to explore.

If your goal is to establish outposts on different planets, you’ll need to focus on the Outpost Development research tree. This category unlocks high-value structures and technologies that are essential for successful outpost development.

Researching the weaponry tree is crucial for expanding your arsenal. Without it, you’ll have limited access to weapon mods, resulting in a repetitive selection of guns. This category plays a significant role in customizing your weapons and optimizing your combat effectiveness.

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Another important category is Equipment Mods. Researching in this category enables you to unlock and upgrade various equipment mods, allowing you to enhance your equipment and improve your overall performance. Some equipment types are restricted until certain research projects are completed.

The Consumables category unlocks new recipes for consumable items. Researching in this category not only expands your options for snacks but also enhances the benefits they provide when consumed.

Location of the Starfield Research Laboratory

To progress in research projects, you need to locate the Starfield Research Laboratory, which can be found on any of your Starfield ships. Whether it’s your starting ship or one you’ve acquired from an enemy, you’ll typically find the Starfield Research Laboratory against a wall in the chamber just before the cockpit.

In addition to the laboratory on your ship, you may find additional research equipment in key locations. However, it is important to note that you will be limited to using only the items available in your small inventory if you are not using the laboratory on your loaded ship.

Unlock the Secrets of the Starfield Research Laboratory

Discovering the wonders of the Starfield Research Laboratory is an exciting adventure. To begin, you may need to take a moment to explore and interact with the lab until the button prompt appears. Once you successfully engage with the lab, a simple menu will appear, offering a breakdown of research projects divided into various categories.

It’s important to note that certain Starfield skills must be unlocked in order to work on specific research projects. For instance, if you wish to delve into the realm of Food and Drink projects, you’ll need to invest a skill point into the Chef skill.

Embark on Multiple Starfield Research Projects

Curious about how many Starfield Research Projects you can tackle simultaneously? Fear not, for you can undertake one project from each category at the same time. While some Starfield skills may grant you the ability to pursue more projects concurrently, there is always space for at least one project from every category. However, utilizing a different laboratory table will not grant you access to additional projects. You will instead be presented with the same available projects or be provided with information on any ongoing projects from other locations.

Delve Into the Unknown: Timing of Starfield Research Projects

The duration of a Starfield Research Project can vary widely. Before committing your resources to a project, you will receive an estimation of the expected completion time. This will serve as your guide as you delve into the exciting world of research.

Ignite Your Progress: Speeding Up Starfield Research Projects

By honing your Starfield skills, you can naturally reduce the time required to complete projects within the Starfield Research Laboratory. Some skills specialize in decreasing completion time for specific project categories, while others have a more general impact on all laboratory options, providing a quicker journey to enlightenment.

In addition to that, having companions with certain skills in Starfield can significantly impact completion times when they are part of your crew. These companions often possess high-level skills that are hidden deep within their talent tree. By recruiting specific team members with these skills, you can save a lot of time and make progress more efficiently.

But wait, there’s more! The Starfield Research Laboratory projects hold many secrets and opportunities for exploration. If you want to get ahead, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on Starfield ship designs. Additionally, understanding the most advantageous Starfield traits can greatly enhance your gameplay. And if you’re curious about what others have to say, take a look at our detailed Starfield review, where we share our thoughts on Bethesda’s captivating interstellar adventure.

If you’re still craving more Starfield content and information, don’t worry! While a reliable Starfield wiki can be a valuable source, we’ve taken it a step further with our all-new Starfield Database. This comprehensive resource provides you with daily news updates, searchable databanks, and even interactive tools to enhance your Starfield experience.






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