starfield surgical strike investigate the abandoned asteroid mine

Starfield Surgical Strike: Investigating the Abandoned Asteroid Mine – A Comprehensive Guide by Joe Greene

Once you’ve accomplished a sufficient number of tasks for the Freestar Rangers, an exciting mission awaits you – the investigation of an abandoned asteroid mine as part of the thrilling Surgical Strike mission. Although this task may pose some challenges, fear not! I’m here to be your guide and help you navigate through the mine, ensuring that you locate Maya Cruz of the First in no time!

Discovering the Secrets of the Abandoned Asteroid Mine in Starfield – A Comprehensive Surgical Strike Guide

Upon reaching Sakharov and venturing into an Eklund Excavation site, you’ll be confronted with the occasional mechanical robot or menacing creature. But worry not, for these adversaries are no match for your skills! Keep pushing forward until you stumble upon a locked door, which guards the path to your next destination. Unlocking this door requires you to skillfully cut each of its four pins.

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Unlocking this door requires some skillful precision. You can use various tools such as the Cutter, guns, or even melee weapons. It may take a few attempts, but with persistence, you’ll hit the pins perfectly, causing the door to burst open.

Once you’ve made it through the door, brace yourself for more thrilling action. You’ll encounter not only more robots but also Shardhoppers. Stay focused and eliminate them all to proceed. Ahead of you, there awaits a small laboratory. Inside, to the left, you’ll find a monitor that holds the key to unlocking the next door. Although it may not be immediately obvious, this is the crucial step that had me stuck for quite some time.

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Credits: @joegreene /

Are you ready for an exciting adventure in an abandoned asteroid mine? In this thrilling quest, you’ll navigate through treacherous terrain, encounter dangerous robots, and even make a tough decision about Maya Cruz. Let’s dive in!

First, activate the monitor to unlock a red door. Head straight out of the laboratory room and descend some steps to reach the door. Behind it lies a whole new world.

Next, you’ll enter a shimmering crystalline room and cross a bridge made of crystals. Be cautious as you make your way to a lower floor of the cave, where you’ll find a door controlled by a green switch. Keep an eye out for mines along the way!

As you venture further into the cave, take another elevator down. Brace yourself for a challenging encounter with numerous robots and deadly mining lasers. Act swiftly to disable the lasers before they turn you to vapor. Defeat all opposition on the floor and ascend the magnificent crystal tower.

At the pinnacle of the tower, you’ll encounter a cuttable wall. Inside, you’ll come face to face with Maya Cruz! The fate of Maya lies in your hands – decide to spare her or bring her demise. Retrieve her valuable Encrypted Slate and finally escape this forsaken asteroid mine.

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Now equipped with the knowledge to explore the abandoned asteroid mine for the Surgical Strike quest, it’s time to unleash your inner adventurer and find Maya Cruz!

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