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Starfield Survey Data: Understanding How It Works and Enhances Gameplay

Are you ready to explore the vast galaxy of Starfield and make some lucrative credits? One surefire way to earn those precious credits in the game is by selling survey data. As you journey through the galaxy, make sure to whip out your scanner and collect data on the diverse fauna, flora, and resources you encounter. But the question is, where can you sell this valuable survey data?

In Starfield, there are more than 1000 planets waiting to be explored, and each one holds valuable survey data. However, the best place to sell your data is with the main Starfield faction, the Starfield Constellation. Once you have established a strong connection with them, you can sell your survey data at the highest prices. So, where exactly can you sell your survey data in Starfield?

To sell your survey data in Starfield, seek out Vladimir at The Eye. Approach him and inform him that you have survey data available. He will guide you through a standard store menu where you can easily sell your data and receive credits in return.

Keep in mind that the Trade Authority is also interested in buying survey data, and you can access them earlier in the game through the kiosk at the Starfield New Atlantis spaceport. However, it’s important to note that they offer lower prices compared to Vladimir. To maximize your earnings, it’s best to sell your survey data to Vladimir at The Eye.

One crucial detail to remember is that you can only sell survey data once you have fully scanned everything on a specific planet. This includes all fauna, flora, resources, and planetary traits. Once you’ve completed the scan, the survey slate for that planet will appear in the miscellaneous section of your inventory. Take your completed survey data to Vladimir at The Eye for the best rewards.

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Understanding the mechanics of survey data in Starfield

Now that you know how to sell survey data in Starfield, let’s delve into the process of collecting it. Before landing on a planet, access the map screen and scan the entire planet. For gas giants or other inhospitable planets, this initial scan is all you need to gather the survey data, as landing is not possible. However, if it’s a planet you can safely land on, you’ll want to choose a suitable landing spot.

Once planetside, press the F key to activate your scanner. Anything natural with a blue outline is scannable, but remember to scan all flora and fauna multiple times until each one reaches 100% completion. Once you’ve successfully scanned an organism, its blue outline will transform into a vibrant green color in your scanner view.

In planets teeming with life, you might encounter difficulty finding the remaining flora and fauna that still need scanning. Check your totals – if it says “biome complete” next to any category, it means there are remaining targets to scan in other parts of the planet. This will likely require taking off and landing in a different biome. Use the map screen to identify the different biomes before landing.

Now armed with this knowledge, go forth and explore the captivating universe of Starfield. Make it a point to scan everything you can and sell your survey data to Vladimir at The Eye for substantial rewards. Happy scanning!

When exploring different planets in Starfield, discovering unique geographical or biological features is key to obtaining planetary traits. As you land on a planet, activate your scanner and look for unidentified waypoints in the distance. These waypoints may be marked as ‘life signs’ or ‘natural’ and indicate potential planetary traits. By scanning anything that appears blue within these waypoints, you can identify the specific traits of the planet. For instance, in my own gameplay, I encountered Psychotropic Biota on the moon Montara Luna through a fungal growth on its surface.

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To enhance your scanning abilities, I highly recommend investing Starfield skill points into Surveying. This skill unlocks a zoom function on the scanner, allowing you to scan targets from a greater distance with each level. This proves invaluable when dealing with flying creatures or hostile beasts. Furthermore, the Zoology skill in the Science skill tree allows you to harvest organic resources without causing harm to the creatures and provides additional information about them through your scans.

That wraps up the basics of where to sell survey data and how scanning works in Starfield. Familiarize yourself with the main Starfield cities in the game to ensure you know where to find new quests. Additionally, learn about the diverse Starfield houses available throughout the galaxy, as they offer unique opportunities for ownership.

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