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Unlocking Starfield: The Lock ID Card, Kryx’s Legacy, and Insights from Shawn Robinson

In the expansive world of Starfield, there are certain areas that may seem off-limits at first due to the main story requirements or various mission progress sections. One such elusive location is The Lock. If you’re wondering how to gain access to this intriguing place, fear not! I’m here to guide you through the process.

To unlock The Lock in Starfield, you must first complete two essential missions: Deep Cover and Rook Meets King. These missions will grant you access to the prestigious Crimson Fleet and their base located aboard a powerful vessel called The Key.

Discovering Kryx’s Legacy in Starfield

Once you have reached the Crimson Fleet base, you will receive a captivating mission called Echoes of the Past. In this mission, the Crimson Fleet is on the hunt for a legendary fortune known as Kryx’s Legacy, which is said to hold unimaginable power and can reshape the fleet’s destiny. In order to unveil its secrets, both you and the Crimson Fleet leader, Delgado, must embark on a quest to locate and uncover the truth about Kryx’s Legacy. This will require venturing to The Lock, a mysterious location situated on the planet of Suvorov, which lies adjacent to The Key.

To reach the planet of Suvorov and continue your journey, simply engage your grav drive and warp to the Kryx star system. From there, the path to unlocking the secrets of Kryx’s Legacy awaits!

When you arrive on the planet, start navigating your way through the icy path towards the outer part of The Key. Look out for the distinct yellow buildings that mark The Key’s exterior. While making your way through the base, be prepared to encounter numerous enemies. Keep your eyes peeled for a prominently larger yellow structure compared to the rest of the base. This is the entrance you’re searching for.

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Keep in mind that you won’t be able to open the door independently. You’ll need Delgado’s assistance to interact with the ID card reader located next to it. Once Delgado has done his part, the door will unlock, granting you access to an exciting realm of exploration.

What Treasures Await in The Lock?

In addition to the captivating Echoes of the Past mission, The Lock doesn’t offer much else in terms of interesting discoveries. However, if you’re a fan of mesmerizing landscapes and want to take advantage of the Photo Mode, The Lock is a perfect destination. Unfortunately, there isn’t any valuable loot to be found here.

However, there is some good news! Echoes of the Past isn’t your only opportunity to explore The Lock. Once the mission is complete, you have the freedom to return to the planet whenever you desire. Feel free to explore the area and take in the sights. You may even encounter some respawned enemies, which can provide you with additional XP if you’re looking to level up.

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