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Starfield Weapons IDs: A Comprehensive Guide on Acquiring Unique Weapons

For many Starfield players, the thrill lies in the exploration of every corner of the game. Uncovering hidden side quests, stumbling upon points of interest, and discovering unique weapons to add to their arsenal. However, if you’re the type of player who seeks power above all else, then you’ll be delighted to know about the unique weapon IDs in Starfield that can give you an edge. This information is specifically for PC players who can leverage console commands to acquire these weapons.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the unique weapons and their corresponding weapon IDs in Starfield. By using console commands, you can easily spawn these powerful weapons in the game:

  • Acid Rain – 002E3E85
  • Ambassador – 1EE4F
  • Big Bang – 0026D963
  • Boom Boom – 002E0735
  • Deadeye – 001BBF2A
  • Elegance – 002E0725
  • Ember – 002F99FF
  • Feather – 002E82A0
  • Fury – 002E0729
  • Hard Target – 00546CC
  • Heller’s Cutter – 32046A
  • Hunterwulf – 002E3E83
  • Keelhauler – 8D850
  • Mindtear – 002AC049
  • N67 Smartgun – 001AC6BB
  • Peacekeeper – 1A52E5
  • Pirate Legend – 002FAC64
  • Poisonstorm – 001AC6B8
  • Power Beat – 022A8E1
  • Rapidshot – 00162CFA
  • Revenant – 00070D40
  • Sir Livingstone’s Pistol – 001F27F5
  • The Buzzcut – 0020772C
  • The Spacer – 001AC6C0
  • The Zapper – 002D791

To obtain these unique weapons or any other regular item in the game on PC, you can open the console by pressing the tilde (~) key, and then enter the command ‘player.additem [Item ID]’ replacing [Item ID] with the weapon ID from the list above.

How to Obtain Unique Weapons in Starfield

When it comes to acquiring unique weapons in the highly anticipated game Starfield, there are various paths to explore. One of the most common methods is by completing side quests that are scattered throughout the vast galaxy. However, it’s worth noting that some exclusive weapons are locked behind story quests, specific perks, and may come with a high price tag.

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As you navigate your way through the different star systems in Starfield, you’ll encounter numerous distress calls and requests for assistance from nearby ships and colonies. Don’t hesitate to deviate from your planned route to lend a helping hand. Who knows, your act of kindness might just reward you with a one-of-a-kind weapon!






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