starfield what weapons can vasco use

Starfield: What Weapons Can VASCO Use and the Insights on His Background and Skills

When it comes to exploration in Starfield, VASCO is the ultimate companion you need by your side. Despite his utilitarian facade, this Lunar Robotics creation possesses a range of skills and attributes that make him an invaluable partner. Let’s delve into the background of VASCO and discover why he’s a fan favorite.

Unlike a human companion, VASCO is a well-oiled machine designed for space exploration in Starfield. Although his construction timeline is unclear, his battle-worn chassis suggests years of active service. During Starfield missions, VASCO provides useful context, especially when navigating new cities and encountering challenging situations.

Background of VASCO in Starfield

VASCO is a Starfield Constellation expeditionary robot, highly regarded in the Settled Systems. He is one of the earliest models, but thanks to Malcolm Livingstone, he has been upgraded with the latest technology. VASCO’s primary function is space exploration, making him an excellent asset for harvesting materials on distant planets. Additionally, he can help you stock up on Starfield armor and weapons for quick loadout swaps.

Known as the voice of VASCO, Jake Green brings life to this loyal companion. VASCO considers his team members as family, making him a trusted and cherished friend.

VASCO’s Skills

VASCO’s focus is on utility rather than artillery. His additional carry capacity is particularly beneficial, as it allows you to carry more items and relieve encumbrance when exploring. Whether you are a Starfield sandwich bandit or prefer other types of Starfield food, VASCO has your back.

Furthermore, VASCO comes equipped with a rifle attachment and laser sights, ensuring your safety by taking down hostile Starfield creatures or faction members.

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