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Unlocking SysDef Mission Board Location: Insights and Why It Trumps the Crimson Fleet

Starfield, the highly anticipated game, features various factions with their own unique radiant mission boards. These mission boards offer players a plethora of infinite quests to enjoy. However, the UC SysDef faction requires a little more effort to access their mission boards. Don’t worry though, because in this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the exact steps to unlock and locate these coveted mission boards.

To gain access to the UC SysDef Mission Boards, you must first complete the “Legacy’s End” mission and successfully conclude the Crimson Fleet questline. Additionally, it’s crucial that you align yourself with the UC SysDef and effectively eliminate the pirate threat. Only then will the mission boards become accessible, even if you are already a member of the UC Vanguard.

Once you’ve completed the thrilling Legacy’s End quest in Starfield and returned to Commander Ikande, you’ll be presented with the exciting opportunity to join the SysDef team. By choosing to remain on the team, you’ll gain access to the UC SysDef Mission Board, which offers various quests that can help you earn Credits and combat the Crimson Fleet.

Finding the UC SysDef mission boards is a breeze. Simply navigate to the Operations Center on the UC Vigilance ship and look to your left. There, you’ll find two terminal screens where you can claim your fresh radiant missions.

The SysDef missions usually consist of a bounty mission on a planet’s surface and a thrilling ship combat mission in space. Both options offer up to 3,000 Credits and provide a relatively easy way for you to grind for better gear as you progress through the game.

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Why choose to side with SysDef over the Crimson Fleet?

Opting to side with the SysDef faction comes with several enticing rewards. Here’s what players can expect when choosing SysDef over the Crimson Fleet:

  • 250,000 credits
  • Access to the Vigilance ship
  • Increased approval from Constellation companions

Furthermore, the quest you’ll embark on when siding with SysDef is far more exhilarating compared to the one offered by the Crimson Fleet. You and your fellow comrades will launch a full-scale assault on The Key, engaging in a flashy, action-packed battle with firepower going off in all directions. Following this intense showdown, you’ll board The Key and engage in a firefight against the pirates. If you’re roleplaying as a virtuous character, siding with SysDef is the clear choice.

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