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Temporary Clearance Granted: Mastering Destiny 2 and the Daphne Fama Challenge

Get ready, Guardians! Another exciting week in Destiny is upon us, and we are on the edge of our seats as we approach the intense and thrilling conclusion of Rasputin’s main questline. Alongside the progression, we also have the opportunity to unlock the Exo Frame upgrades. This week, the generous Clovis has granted us the option to choose one of three Infiltrator Gear sets.

The primary purpose of the Infiltrator Gear is to grant us access to the hidden corridors and rooms of the Seraph Station. Trust me when I say, this station is filled with a maze of insta-kill laser wires and locked doors. If you aim to conquer the triumphs, you must find a way through them all.

For those of you who wisely or luckily chose the Infiltrator Gear that grants access through the doors of Seraph’s Station, you may have already used methods such as Icarus Dash, Teleportation, or some clever sword tactics to bypass the laser wires. Now, you find yourself facing a locked door in a room. Fear not, for there is a solution. Activate the control panel, also known as the “access console,” and you will be granted the Temporary Clearance Granted buff. But what does this buff do, you may ask?

Allow me to enlighten you. This buff lasts for a generous 45 seconds and plays a crucial role in unlocking the security door within the room. With this buff, you gain the ability to temporarily shoot various panels scattered throughout the room, including one situated in the hall where you entered.

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If you have experience with the Spire of the Watcher, you may find these diamond-shaped panels familiar, albeit in a more rudimentary form. Your task is to hit all the panels within the given time frame of the buff, successfully solving the puzzle and magically opening the door. Just like that, you have access to another exciting room. And what awaits you? A floating yellow ball, of course. Quite a prize! Make sure to remember its location, as we will require multiple balls later on.

As time passes, the rest of Operation: Seraph’s Shield will become available. Every Tuesday reset for the next two weeks, we will receive a new piece of infiltrator gear, unlocking further content. However, as of now, if you desire to reach the coveted mechanical dog, you will need to rely on your cheese tactics to navigate the rest of the station.

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