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Unlock Safe Houses DMZ: Comprehensive Guide on How to Unlock 3 Key Safe Houses

The DMZ Safe House Urgent mission in the gaming community has been causing quite a buzz lately. Players are perplexed by the lack of specific information about the location. It’s no wonder they’re scratching their heads, with no clear indication of this mysterious place on any map. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with all the details about Safe Houses in DMZ and how to find them.

Unlocking 3 Safe Houses in DMZ

In order to unlock a Safe House in DMZ, you’ll need to complete one of the Black Mous Urgent missions. These missions involve opening Strongholds, which serve as Safe Houses within the game. It’s worth noting that PC players have reported a possible typo in the console version, as the objective suggests visiting Strongholds instead.

The only way to gain access to these Safe Houses is by obtaining a Stronghold Keycard. These can be found at Buy Stations or on fallen soldiers. For those looking to be more frugal, there is another option. Keep your eyes peeled for a blue-colored glow of the keycard near a fallen body.

Identifying a Stronghold on the map is as simple as locating the castle icon. And fear not, there should be plenty to choose from at any given location.

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When embarking on your mission, it’s important to remember that clearing the Stronghold is not a requirement to achieve success. You can swiftly proceed to the next objective and complete the mission. However, do keep in mind that other Operators will be alerted to your actions if you choose to delve deeper into the enemy base, and they may try to retaliate.

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Upon unlocking three Strongholds, you will be rewarded with valuable XP and Reputation points for your Faction. These rewards will help you progress and strengthen your standing.

Now armed with the knowledge of where to locate Safe Houses in DMZ, you can further elevate your rank by taking on the thrilling Black Mous Icebreaker mission. Don’t forget to explore the additional links below to discover more thrilling Call of Duty content.

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