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“What Remains Destiny 2”: Unpacking the Role of Daphne Fama

What Remains is an exciting part of the Exotic Quest Unfinished Business in Destiny 2 that will surely keep you engaged. Let’s dive right in and learn how to complete the quest.

To begin, interact with the banner at the chasm in Maya’s Retreat. This will transport you to a stunningly beautiful landscape. However, our objective here is to locate the Conceptual Mind, retrieve its memory core, and make a swift exit. But be prepared, as the Conceptual Mind is not likely to part with its core without putting up a fight.

Follow the path adorned with lush flowers and vegetation. Soon enough, you’ll come across a river of Vex milk. It seems the Vex have a fondness for these milky rivers. Use the platforms to navigate across the river.

As you continue, you’ll enter an open valley with several dormant Vex gates. Prepare yourself, as a swarm of Vex enemies will spawn. Expect to encounter Fanatics, Minotaurs, and in the distance, three Hydra and one Cyclops. Defeat them using your preferred strategy. However, keep in mind that to disable the barriers surrounding the floating white Vex cubes, you’ll need to defeat the Hydra.

Once the barriers around the Vex cubes are down, take aim and unleash your firepower upon them.

But wait, there’s one more cube hidden away. Look over the edge of the cliff and follow the white strand that leads to a hidden cube protected by a barrier. Jump down to the ledge beside the cube and give it a well-aimed shot to destroy it.

Now you’re one step closer to completing the captivating What Remains quest in Destiny 2. Stay focused and prepared for the thrilling challenges that lie ahead!

Continue to explore the platform you are currently on, moving in the direction of the waterwheel. Keep your eyes peeled for any interesting sights or hidden treasures along the way.

Once you have reached the waterwheel, make your way back up to the main area where you previously fought the Hydra and Cyclops. Instead of retracing your steps, follow the edge of the cliff. Before long, you will come across a series of distinct green cubes that can be used as platforms. Take the opportunity to carefully navigate your way down.

After descending, continue along the narrow ridge that lies below. Be prepared for a thrilling adventure as you discover what awaits you in this uncharted territory.

As you navigate the treacherous terrain, be prepared for an exhilarating adventure. On the side of the cliff, a motherboard-like layer awaits to be discovered. However, caution is required as cuboids intermittently protrude, threatening to disrupt your journey. Stay vigilant and ensure they don’t knock you off the edge.

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Stay focused and resist the temptation to explore the enticing platforms to your right. Your path continues along the narrow ridge that follows the cliff. Stay true to your course and do not be swayed.

As you proceed, the ridge along the cliff will eventually come to an end. Fear not, for the journey continues. Leap across to the narrow ridge on your right and keep forging ahead. A moment of excitement awaits as you encounter an opening within the cliff. Take a leap of faith and find yourself transported to the mystical realm of Undergrowth.

Are you ready for an epic adventure? Say hello to Nimbus! It’s no surprise to see Nimbus making an appearance in this thrilling quest. So, brace yourself and get ready for action!

As you navigate through the mesmerizing corridors, be prepared to encounter the explosive forces of the Harpies. Stay focused and eliminate them before they get the chance to lay a hand on you.

At the end of the passage, a formidable Minotaur awaits. Defeat the Minotaur and claim the precious Arc Relic it drops. This relic will prove essential in your mission. Aim at the floating square just beneath the shielded Vex cube and let the power of the Arc Relic release a devastating beam, annihilating the cube in its path.

Now, it’s time to put your agility to the test. Use the moving platforms to swiftly cross the corridor or, if you’re feeling adventurous, take a leap of faith and jump across. In the center of the enclosed area, you’ll discover a peculiar Vex structure that resembles an arena.

But don’t be fooled, it’s not your typical arena. As you explore further, Goblins and another fearsome Minotaur will appear. Prove your skills and defeat the Minotaur, then claim its skull as a trophy. Navigate around the arena until you spot the Vex cube with a floating square beside it. Take aim and shoot the square, shattering the cube into oblivion. Continue exploring until you find the second Vex cube with its corresponding square floating nearby. Take your shot and break the cube. If your aim is slightly off, adjust your position and try again.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure as you journey through this captivating world. Stay focused, be brave, and enjoy every exhilarating moment!

As you break both cubes, a sense of anticipation fills the air, leading you to a narrow corridor that was previously inaccessible. Stepping into it, you find yourself amidst a fierce battle between the Taken and the Vex. Brace yourself for intense combat as you navigate through both factions, keeping an eye out for the treacherous Exploding Harpies. Remember, persistence is key. Defeat every Harpy and Taken enemy, and witness the barrier crumble before your eyes.

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While Nimbus takes the easy route through a portal, you are left with a challenging task – traversing precarious platforms nestled within the trees. Beware of the multitude of Taken forces and the unpredictable moving obstacles that threaten to knock you off your perch. Your focus and agility will be tested, so proceed with caution!

Once you land on the first platform, a new objective awaits – the eradication of the Taken Blights. These structures, with their distinctive black, dome-like appearance, can be found in three different locations: one to your left, one to your right, and another tucked beneath a platform on the cliff. To ensure your safety, utilize a Scout Rifle or Pulse Rifle to snipe as many enemies as possible. Surviving the onslaught of a relentless Taken Ogre or a formidable Taken Wizard is vital if you wish to complete your mission.

Remember this: the only way to destroy a blight is to step inside its domed enclosure and target its core with precision shooting!

Once all three blights have succumbed to your firepower, a Vex portal will materialize, beckoning you to step through its threshold.

With each step into the portal, you find yourself transported into the Embrace of the Black Garden. As you ascend the colossal trunk, adorned with rugged rocks, a plateau adorned with vibrant red and white flowers emerges before you. At the far end, standing there deep in contemplation, is Nimbus. Approach him, and a moment of significance unfolds.

In front of Nimbus lies a weapon, gleaming with untapped potential – Deterministic Chaos. He bestows this powerful Exotic Heavy Weapon upon you before returning to Neomuna. As his presence fades, a rush of excitement surges through you, for now, you possess a truly extraordinary armament.

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Unfortunately, there’s no easy way around it – we still have to face the boss in this challenging fight.

Now, brace yourself as we navigate through the treacherous Vex-infested terrain to reach the Conceptual Mind. As we delve deeper into the garden, be prepared for intense encounters.

Throughout this journey, you’ll encounter a constant barrage of Taken and Vex enemies. However, the developers at Bungie have strategically placed permanent Heavy Ammo drops to support your battles. Take advantage of this and unleash the power of your new Machine Gun, Deterministic Chaos, to effortlessly obliterate anything and everything standing in your way. These abundant resources make it a breeze to dispatch hordes of enemies without breaking a sweat.

As you press on, you’ll come across yet another Vex barrier. Fear not, as the method of bringing it down remains the same. Simply target the designated squares, and your bullets will find their mark on the Vex cube, shattering the barrier piece by piece. Precision and persistence will crumble the barricade, granting you access to the next stage of your mission.

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Once the barrier is down, be prepared to navigate a lengthy tunnel through a platforming challenge.

At last, you’ll find yourself in a sprawling arena facing off against the mighty Conceptual Mind, a colossal Hydra. The Conceptual Mind will summon formidable reinforcements in the form of Goblins and Exploding Hydra. Fend off these relentless mobs and gradually chip away at the Conceptual Mind’s monumental health bar, reducing it by one third with each successful assault.

Prepare for an exhilarating battle in Destiny 2! The Conceptual Mind is a formidable opponent that will put your skills to the test. As you engage in combat, be ready to adapt and strategize.

At the start of the encounter, the Conceptual Mind will activate an impenetrable Overshield and summon a new wave of explosive Harpies and Goblins. Stay on your toes and be cautious of your surroundings. In the center of the map, you’ll find a convenient Heavy Ammo drop, but I advise against lingering there for too long.

Your objective is to pursue the Conceptual Mind through the next Vex gate. Destroy the Vex cubes by shooting the squares on them. If a square doesn’t break, adjust your position and continue shooting until it does.

Once the Vex barrier drops, seize the opportunity to deal damage to the Conceptual Mind once again. Utilize the power of Deterministic Chaos to swiftly eliminate a significant portion of its health. However, the Conceptual Mind won’t go down without a fight and will attempt to escape.

Give chase across the treacherous Vex milk river, but be aware that a swarm of Harpies awaits you as you jump onto a platform. Take them out before continuing your pursuit. Now, the Conceptual Mind will have an additional layer of shields protecting it.

To remove this extra shield, shoot the square that corresponds to the Vex Cube. There are two Vex cubes behind the Conceptual Mind, each with a square to target. Disabled the cubes, and focus your firepower on the weakened Conceptual Mind for the final showdown.

With the Conceptual Mind defeated, collect the blueprint and return to Nimbus to complete the mission. Congratulations on your victory!

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