what to do with musgrove starfield

What to Do with Musgrove in Starfield: Offbeat Approaches & Daphne Fama Insights

Poor Musgrove, a character in Starfield, has had a tough life – ignored by his corporate employer, living in a shipping crate, and ultimately shot. It’s difficult not to sympathize with his circumstances and understand why he resorted to stealing from his employer. However, in the game, players are faced with a decision: should they free, kill, or jail Musgrove?

In the quest for an Artifact, the player is led to Neon by Walter. The situation takes a turn for the worse when Musgrove’s former employer, Slayton, retrieves the stolen Artifact and leaves Musgrove wounded in an office.

At this point, players must choose whether to free, jail, or kill Musgrove.

Before we explore the choices further, it’s worth mentioning that there is a loot crate in the corner of the room. This is one of the few items you can take in Slayton’s tower without it being considered stolen. Don’t forget to grab it!

Freeing Musgrove in Starfield

The outcome of freeing Musgrove may vary depending on your companions’ personalities. For example, if you have Alejandra with you, she may simply lecture Musgrove as he bleeds out on the carpet. Slayton acknowledges the rare moment of compassion in Neon and releases your ship from impound.

Jailing Musgrove in Starfield

If you choose to send Musgrove to jail for his thievery, your companion’s reaction may differ based on their inclination. In my playthrough, Alejandro was in my party, and she “liked” that decision.

Slayton will then release your ship from impound, and Walter will reward you with 10,000 Credits and the rare rifle called Fiscal Quarter, valued at 3,740. You can collect the rifle by speaking to Walter on the ship.

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Defeating Musgrove in Starfield

Embarking on an adventure in Starfield presents players with various choices and paths to follow. One option is to confront Musgrove, and while it may not be the most popular choice among your companions, it offers distinct outcomes.

Most companions will react negatively to this decision, with Walter expressing his disgust and even claiming he might be sick. However, Slayton will be thrilled with this aggressive approach.

If you choose to defeat Musgrove, you will have the opportunity to loot valuable items from his corpse. Expect to find an impressive haul, including 1,178 Credits, 54 1.5 LZR Cartridges, a Calibrated Solstice, a Suit with Lapel Pin, and Zipper Bandages.

Upon Musgrove’s defeat, Slayton will generously release your impounded ship. As a reward, Walter will provide you with an additional 10,000 Credits and the rare rifle called Fiscal Quarter, which holds a value of 3,740 Credits.

From a financial standpoint, this option proves to be the most profitable. The Calibrated Solstice alone is worth an impressive 2,485 Credits.

Before leaving the Neon region, take a moment to explore the local companion options. You’ll find a wide selection of unique allies to choose from.






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