where is midtown minerals starfield

Where is Midtown Minerals Starfield? A Complete Guide with Insider Tips from Shawn Robinson

Exploring the vast universe of Starfield can be an exhilarating experience. However, spending precious time scouring for minerals and supplies can sometimes feel like an unnecessary grind. After all, who wants to spend their gaming hours on monotonous tasks? Luckily, Bethesda understands this and has included specialized shops within the game where you can conveniently purchase minerals. However, locating one particular shop, Midtown Minerals, might prove to be a bit challenging. But worry not, as we have the inside scoop on where to find Midtown Minerals in Starfield.

Discovering the Midtown Minerals Store in Akila City

If you’re in search of the renowned Midtown Minerals store, you’ll find it nestled within the vibrant streets of Akila City. To embark on your journey, navigate to the Cheyenne system and click on the planet Akila. Once you’ve arrived, Akila City will welcome you with open arms, located conveniently on the side of the planet.

To access the Midtown Minerals store, commence your exploration through the front gate. As you venture further, you’ll come across The Rock, the esteemed base of the Freestar Rangers. Upon reaching the front door, direct your attention to the left, where the Midtown Minerals store awaits you.

Step inside and be greeted by Alejandra Kane, the knowledgeable woman poised at the main counter. Engaging in conversation with her will unveil the treasure trove of resources she holds in her inventory. With approximately 20 different minerals available for purchase, you’ll have no trouble finding exactly what you’re seeking. Fortunately, these minerals are priced fairly, eliminating the need to venture to multiple locations in pursuit of discounted credits.

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Resetting the Midtown Minerals Stock: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re playing Starfield and find that the vendor at Midtown Minerals is running low on Credits or the mineral you’re in need of, don’t worry! There’s a handy trick to reset their stock and ensure you get what you’re looking for. Inside the store, you’ll spot a small and elegant chair. Take a seat and patiently wait for 24 in-game hours. After this time, check the vendor’s stock again, and voila! She should have replenished her supply of minerals for you to purchase. If you still don’t find what you need, simply repeat the process until you do.

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