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Discovering the Whetstone Starfield: Locations, Lost Data, and Shawn Robinson Insights

When exploring the vast and immersive settlements in Starfield, you’ll undoubtedly stumble upon a plethora of intriguing stores that are begging to be explored. From cozy coffee shops to cutting-edge salons that can transform your appearance, these establishments offer a wide range of experiences. However, there is one location that may not initially appear to have much to offer, but is essential for a specific side mission. Let’s uncover the whereabouts of Whetstone in Starfield.

Discovering Whetstone in Starfield

If you’re looking to dine at the exquisite Whetstone restaurant in Starfield, getting there is a breeze. First, fast-travel to the Commercial District of New Atlantis. You have two convenient options for reaching this location: either use the planet map or hop on the New Atlantis Transit tram. Once you’ve arrived, simply head towards the left and follow the winding ramp that encircles the popular Terrabrew Coffee joint. Your journey will culminate at the top of the ramp, where the magnificent Whetstone restaurant awaits you. Its remarkable presence is impossible to miss.

When you visit Whetstone in Starfield, make sure to have a chat with Alara Katrango, the friendly receptionist. Ask her about the menu, and she’ll share a tantalizing array of food and drinks available. From different types of wine, including the unique Chunks wine cube, to fancy delicacies like a slab of rips and a classic baguette, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

Uncovering Warner’s Lost Data Slate in Beautiful Secrets

During the thrilling mission Beautiful Secrets, you’ll assist the owner of Enhance store in finding his missing data slate. To find it, head to Whetstone and ascend the ramp. Once you enter the restaurant, move towards the back, and you’ll spot the data slate in one of the cozy booths. Retrieve it and return it to Warner to successfully complete the mission.

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