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Arthur’s Basement BG3: Uncovering Suspicious Toys and Completing the Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

Prepare to delve into the world of intrigue and deception in Baldur’s Gate 3. No corner is safe from shenanigans and dark dealings, not even the innocent realm of toys. Embark on the quest to “Investigate the Suspicious Toys” and uncover the secrets that lie hidden in Arfur’s Basement.

Discovering the Suspicious Toys in Arfur’s Basement in BG3

Your journey begins by locating Arfur Gregorio in Act 3, situated in the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate. Join Arfur in the midst of a dispute with a refugee family and seize the opportunity to intervene.

As you step foot into Rivington, you’ll find yourself immediately bombarded with various quests. From a lost child to a mustachioed man attempting to evict refugees, every corner seems to hold a new adventure. By honing your powers of detection, you may discover that something lurks within the basement of the mansion.

Completing the Investigate Suspicious Toys Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

To embark on the Investigate Suspicious Toys questline, head towards the grand mansion a few steps away from the Rivington waypoint. Witness Arfur engaging in a heated argument with the refugees seeking sanctuary in his house.

This pivotal conversation offers two paths. You can either evict the refugees, restoring Arfur to his rightful home, or force Arfur to leave. For this questline, it is highly recommended to choose the latter option.

During your discussion with Arfur, you might have the chance to [DETECT THOUGHTS]. If you succeed in this endeavor, you’ll uncover that there is indeed something mysterious hidden in Arfur’s basement. However, passing this skill check is not necessary to proceed.

Locating the Basement in Arfur’s House in Baldur’s Gate 3

Now that the argument has been resolved, make your way into Arfur’s house. Directly across from the entrance, you’ll find a locked room. If Arfur is present, he will not allow you to pick the lock. Therefore, having the refugees inside is advantageous, as it grants you the freedom to explore without hindrance.

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Once you manage to open it, you’ll discover a hidden hatch on the ground. It does require a skillful lockpick, but don’t worry, there’s a solution. Upstairs in Arfur’s bedroom, you can find the key to the hatch. Although you’ll need to use the lockpick again to access the bedroom, this time the difficulty level is lower, with a throw of only 10. This makes it significantly easier to unlock and enter compared to the hatch.

In the bedroom, you’ll not only find stylish clothing options but also stumble upon some truly captivating and, let’s be honest, cringe-worthy self-insert fanfiction. However, don’t get too distracted because once you acquire the key, you’ll be able to unlock the mysterious hatch.

The basement may not be very spacious, but it’s brimming with an array of cunning traps. Most of them are meticulously designed fireworks that might cause some minor burn damage. Needless to say, it’s best to steer clear of them.

Among the various crates scattered around, you’ll come across Fire Amber. However, what you’re really after is tucked away in the far right, on a raised platform. It’s here that you’ll uncover a locked chest, requiring a skill throw of 18 to successfully unlock. Once inside, you’ll discover the Blackmail Letter (along with some gold), unveiling Arfur’s shady dealings involving illicit substances hidden within toys.

Unfortunately, our toy search doesn’t end in the basement. We have to venture back into town for that.

Uncovering the Mystery of the Suspicious Toys in Baldur’s Gate 3

The whereabouts of the Suspicious Toys lead us to a surprising revelation – they are intended for donation to refugees. But something about this act of charity seems off, especially considering Arfur’s questionable character. It’s time to dig deeper and unravel the mystery behind these enigmatic toys.

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  • Green Circle – Indicates the hatch location.
  • Red Circle – Marks the suspicious toy location.

Now, these generous donations are securely stored in the Requisitioned Barn, conveniently located to the right of Arfur’s Mansion in the beautiful town of Rivington. To access the barn, you have two options at your disposal. If you are inclined towards a more stealthy approach, ascend the hill and carefully leap onto a platform situated on the right wall of the barn. Observe closely, and you will notice a window conveniently situated for your entry. Keep in mind though, within the barn premises, two vigilant guards are stationed. Moreover, the elusive Donation Box you seek rests on the opposite side of the building, adding an element of excitement to your mission.

If you’re someone who loves to charm your way through challenges, you can try talking to Fist Nelson, who guards the entrance to the barn. By using your persuasive skills, you can easily convince him to help you. All you need is a persuasion score of 10, making it the simplest way to locate the box.

Once inside the Requisitioned Barn, you’ll find the box in the left corner. Don’t worry about identifying it, as it’s the one filled with adorable teddy bears. However, your companions may also have the chance to pass a perception check, which will highlight the box for you.

Now, the real test begins – disarming the trap. Be warned, the throw requirement for this task is quite high, at 20. Unfortunately, we were not successful in our attempt, and those innocent bears ended up exploding right in our faces.

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Once the smoke clears from the bear incident, make sure to speak to Fist Nelson who will task you with finding Arfur. However, Arfur has managed to elude capture and won’t be seen until you reach Baldur’s Gate.

If you were thorough enough to read the letters in his bedroom, your journal will be updated with the exact location, Sharess’ Caress. But for now, let’s take a moment to celebrate the fact that no children were harmed by these deadly teddy bears.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling more proactive, you can track down Arfur and serve him a taste of justice.

Be Aware of the Investigate the Suspicious Toys Bug

Currently, there have been reports of a bug that may prevent players from completing this quest even after following all the necessary steps. It seems this bug can occur after killing Arfur. Some players have found success in using the Speak With Dead spell on Arfur to resolve the issue. Others have unfortunately resorted to resorting to violence, killing everyone in the store including innocent civilians, leaving them without a peaceful alternative.






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