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Cracking the Cod Raid Code: Unveiling the Second MW2 Raid Puzzle Solution

The MW2 raid code is an essential requirement for players during the Atomgrad raid in Modern Warfare 2. This thrilling three-player cooperative experience builds upon the story of the campaign, offering a challenging and immersive gameplay experience. Unlike other game modes, the Atomgrad raid does not offer matchmaking, so players need to team up with their friends to venture into this exciting mission.

During the Atomgrad raid, players will encounter various obstacles and puzzles that need to be solved in order to progress. The Atomgrad raid code becomes crucial at a specific point in the mission. As you make your way through the raid and receive instructions from characters, you will eventually reach a massive metal gate.

At this point, the Modern Warfare 2 raid code comes into play. It is not a simple code that is the same for all players. Instead, it requires teamwork, coordination, and communication among the three players in the game. However, we can provide guidance on how to solve it.

When your objective is to locate Echo team and open the submarine doors, you will need to allocate one player to go through a metal shutter while the others remain in the starting room. The player who goes through the shutter will come across surveillance cameras in the second room.

Using the surveillance cameras, the player needs to find Control Room B2, where three Cyrillic symbols are displayed on a wall along with three numbers below them. Meanwhile, the players in the starting room will have their own surveillance cameras and need to find Control Room A2, which features a similar wall with different symbols and numbers.

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The third player will have access to a red terminal in the corner of the room, which displays three Cyrillic symbols. Effective communication and cooperation among the teammates are crucial here. The players need to identify which symbols on the red terminal correspond to the symbols on the walls. The corresponding numbers are then entered into the machine located in the same room as the terminal.

But the challenge doesn’t end there. Another code needs to be entered, following the same rules, but this time by a different player with a different fingerprint. The complexity increases as there are now four symbols on the terminal, with one of them being a red herring. The players need to find the three symbols that appear across both cameras and enter them into the machine.

Finally, the players need to repeat the process once again, but this time five symbols will be displayed on the terminal. Only three of these symbols will match those seen on the surveillance cameras. The third player, who hasn’t entered any codes yet, interacts with the machine while the other two relay the matching symbols they see on the cameras.

Successfully entering all three codes will open the silo doors, allowing the players to continue their thrilling adventure in one of the best PC games of 2022, Modern Warfare 2.

Solution for the Second MW2 Raid Code Puzzle

Get ready for another challenge in the Atomgrad raid of MW2. As you progress, you will encounter a familiar puzzle, but this time it’s inside the rooms themselves, not on surveillance cameras.

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To solve this puzzle, one player needs to stay in the room with the terminal, while the other two head to the rooms with the codes displayed on the wall. Just like before, the symbols and numbers in the code must match, and the player with the terminal can enter them.

Here’s the catch – the players in the two code rooms will face constant enemy attacks, putting them under immense pressure and adding a time limit. If a code is not entered correctly or within the time limit, the current code will reset, requiring you to start again. However, you only need to start from the code you were on, rather than the entire sequence. Successfully enter all three codes, and you’ll triumph over all the puzzles the first Modern Warfare 2 raid has to offer.

Once you’ve completed this raid, don’t forget to take on the remaining Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops missions if you haven’t already. Don’t miss out on the action!






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