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D4 Waypoint Map: Unveiling All Locations in Strongholds, Fractured Peaks, Scosglen, Dry Steppes, Kehjistan and Hawezar

Waypoints play a crucial role in the world of Sanctuary, ensuring that you don’t have to trek long distances between different locations. Nobody wants to run from Scosglen all the way down to Hawezar, right? That’s why having access to Waypoints is essential in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 features five distinct regions in Sanctuary, with each region offering between six to eight Waypoints. These magical sigils allow you to effortlessly teleport back to safe cities, villages, and even remote inns with just a press of a button. However, not all Waypoints are immediately apparent, so here’s a comprehensive list of all the Waypoints you can find in Diablo IV, categorized by region.

Stronghold Waypoint Locations

If you’re interested in knowing which Strongholds can be converted into Waypoints, look no further. Here’s a list of Stronghold Waypoints, and you can find more detailed information on how to unlock the rest, complete with maps, below:

  • Nostrava – Fractured Peaks
  • Cerrigar – Scosglen
  • Tur Dulra – Scosglen
  • The Onyx Watchtower – Dry Steppes
  • Farobru – Dry Steppes
  • Vyeresz – Hawezar
  • Altar of Ruin – Kehjistan

Fractured Peaks Waypoint Locations

The Fractured Peaks region, nestled between Northern Scosglen and Southern Hawezar, is situated in the far east. This region boasts a total of seven Waypoints, with only one of them being a Stronghold. To convert a Stronghold into a Waypoint, you’ll need to complete the Stronghold and ring the bell, unlocking its newly colonized form.

Bear Tribe RefugeNo.
NostravaComplete Stronghold located just to the West of Kyovashad.

Discover all Scosglen waypoint locations

Prepare to explore the vast and captivating region of Scosglen in Sanctuary. With a grand total of eight Waypoints to uncover, get ready to journey through its diverse landscapes and face the challenges that the two Strongholds present. Unlock each waypoint and experience the true wonders of Scosglen.

Firebreak ManorNo.
Tur DulraComplete Stronghold to the far West, on the coast, about level with the city Cerrigar.
CorbachComplete Stronghold located just beneath the “Scosglen” name on the map.
Under the Fat GooseNo.

Discover all the Waypoints in Dry Steppes

The Dry Steppes region, situated towards the middle left of the map, is a dominant force alongside the Fractured Peaks, with Scosglen to the North and Kehjistan to the South. Prepare yourself for the exciting journey ahead, as you’ll encounter a plethora of eight Waypoints and two Strongholds that you must conquer in order to thrive.

Ked BarduNo.
The Onyx WatchtowerComplete the Stronghold just to the southeast of Ked Bardu, the Dry Steppes main city.
Fate’s RetreatNo.
Hidden OverlookYou may need to complete Act 3 to unlock this Waypoint.
Ruins of Qara-YisuNo.
FarobruComplete Stronghold very close to Ked Bardu, towards the northeast of the city. If you’ve conquered Scosglen’s Tur Dulra, just head South, and you’re bound to come across it.

Discover the Waypoints of Kehjistan

Step foot onto the exotic Southern Continent known as Kehjistan and venture along its enchanting west coast. In this hidden corner of the world, you’ll find six carefully placed Waypoints that will unlock as you progress. Uncover the secrets of each location, and don’t forget about the formidable Stronghold that awaits your conquest.

Tarsarak No.
Imperial Library Complete most of Act 6 of Campaign.
Denshar No.
Gea Kul No.
Iron Wolves Encampment No.
Altar of Ruin Complete Stronghold that’s immediately to the right of “Kehijistan” written on the map.

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All Hawezar Waypoint Locations

Embark on an adventure through the challenging region of Hawezar. This area, located in the far southeast corner of Sanctuary, is filled with hidden corners and tough battles. Despite its vast size, there are only six fast travel points available. One of these is the Stronghold, while two can only be unlocked during the campaign.

Unlock Conditions and Waypoint Names in Diablo 4

The Tree of Whispers Unlocked after completing Act 4 of the campaign.
Vyeresz Complete Stronghold in the far south, almost in the middle of the region, close to the coast.
Wejinhani No.
Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court Unlocked after completing Act 4 of the campaign.
Backwater No.
Zarbinzet No.

While exploring the world of Sanctuary in Diablo 4, it’s highly recommended to collect all the Altars of Lilith. These altars provide substantial stat boosts once you’ve gathered them all. To assist you in your mission, we have prepared a comprehensive guide on the locations of all 160 Altars of Lilith: All Altars of Lilith Locations in Diablo 4.

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