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Destiny 2 Armor Mods Temporarily Disabled Due to “Infinite Ability” Exploit

Excitement turned to frustration for Destiny 2 players as certain armor mods were deactivated after the discovery of an “infinite ability” exploit. This exploit allowed players to continuously regenerate Super energy, resulting in an unfair advantage during gameplay.

On July 18, game developer Bungie tweeted that it had disabled the Bolstering Detonation, Focusing Strike, Impact Induction, and Momentum Transfer mods due to an issue. Although the exact issue was not specified in the tweet, players quickly connected it to an exploit that was initially shared by YouTuber ‘InSaNeGaMeR300’ and later spread to a wider audience through YouTuber Cheese Forever.

The exploit involved equipping two sets of gauntlets: one with one of the listed mods and the other with two or more of them. By throwing a grenade or using their melee ability and then rapidly swapping their gauntlets, players could trigger an instant ability effect, granting them unlimited energy.

This decision comes shortly after Bungie disabled another popular mod, Utility Kickstart. The deactivation of these mods has frustrated players who spend hours crafting powerful loadouts using Aspects, Fragments, weapons, Exotic armor, and mods. These loadouts are crucial for tackling endgame content like Master raids and Grandmaster Nightfalls.

The disabled mods, such as Momentum Transfer, are particularly valuable as they provide ability energy when players inflict damage with a different ability. For example, players with grenade-focused builds rely on the Momentum Transfer mod to shorten their melee cooldown, enabling them to restore their melee ability more quickly.

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Unfortunately, Bungie has not given a timeline for when these mods will be reinstated in the game. It may take some time for the development team to address and fix the issue. This situation mirrors the recent deactivation of the Utility Kickstart mod, with no official announcement regarding its return.

To compound the frustration, these mod deactivations coincide with the launch of Destiny 2’s annual Solstice celebration. This event requires players to invest considerable time and effort to earn the coveted Solstice Seal and Flamebreaker title. The event is open to all players, regardless of whether they own any DLC.

While players eagerly await the reinstatement of these mods, Bungie continues to work on delivering a fair and balanced gaming experience for Destiny 2 enthusiasts worldwide.






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