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Diablo 4 Ears: Intriguing Usage, Past and Present, and Its Lack of Purpose in the Latest Installment

When you triumphantly defeat an opponent in player versus player (PvP) combat in Diablo 4, you may come across a peculiar item on the ground – an ear. However, it’s not immediately clear what these ears are used for. Let’s explore their purpose in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 – What to Do With Ears

In Diablo 4, ears serve as mere trophies to commemorate your victories in PvP battles. Unfortunately, they cannot be exchanged at any vendor for special items or bonuses. While it may be tempting to collect these ears as a testament to your prowess, selling them to PvP vendors will only yield a meager sum of one gold coin, hardly worth the effort.

When we first delved into PvP battles in the Fields of Hatred in Diablo 4, collecting our enemies’ ears felt like a thrilling novelty. We amassed a chest full of these trophies, proudly displaying the names and levels of the players we had triumphed over. Not only does this nod to earlier Diablo games, but it also adds an extra level of satisfaction as we aimed to accumulate as many trophies as possible.

Ears in Previous Diablo Games

In previous iterations of Diablo, such as Diablo 1 and Diablo 2, ears also served as PvP trophies. Defeating another player would reward you with their ear, which could be sold or traded to other players as a memento of your conquest.

Ears in Diablo 4 Lack Significant Value

Once we had gathered a substantial amount of PvP ear trophies in Diablo 4, we found ourselves ready to move on. Ultimately, these ears are purely for aesthetic purposes, and if you have no attachment to them, you can simply discard them. Despite the gory curiosities that vendors in the game may accept, these trophies seem to have little appeal to buyers.

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Perhaps in future seasons of the game, there will be an option to exchange ears for additional rewards in the Fields of Hatred. Considering the existence of cosmetic vendors in the area, introducing another currency could be a fantastic addition. However, only time will reveal if this possibility becomes a reality.

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