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Mastering Engineering Control Computer Gamma: Decision Making, Ship Preparation, and More in First Contact Starfield Quest

As players embark on their Starfield journey and arrive at Paradiso, they will encounter the captivating First Contact mission. This mission centers around a mysterious ship that looms near the planet, beckoning for investigation. In order to uncover the truth behind this enigmatic vessel, players must engage in a crucial conversation that holds the fate of an entire colony in the balance. Fear not, for we are here to guide you through this thrilling adventure, providing insights into the best outcomes and the necessary steps to achieve them.

Completing the First Contact Mission in Starfield

Deciding Between the Deal, Grav Drive Purchase, or Reactor Overload in the First Contact Starfield Quest

Upon reaching Paradiso, you will find yourself negotiating with Diana Brackenridge and Oliver Campbell, seeking a resolution to their current predicament. While Diana strives to claim the location she has spent 200 years reaching, Oliver offers three options: convincing them to accept the settlement deal, purchasing a Grav Drive, or overloading the reactor. If acquiring a collection of resources is of importance to you, choosing the deal may be suitable. However, those with ample funds may lean towards purchasing the Grav Drive.

It is important to note that overloading the reactor is generally considered the least favorable choice, as it results in the unfortunate demise of the colony. Nevertheless, if you dare to embrace chaos, this path is available to you. Based on our experience, acquiring the Grav Drive during the First Contact quest yields the most favorable outcome for both parties. This is because Diana’s faction will still have a chance in space, offering an alternative to the settlement deal that demands their labor without compensation.

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The only drawback is the hefty price tag of 40,000 credits from Bennu St. James. However, with some persuasive skills, you can potentially bring the cost down to 25,000 credits (I highly recommend saving before engaging in the conversation.)

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If you’re considering the settlement deal in First Contact Starfield Quest, make sure you have the following resources:

  • 40 Fiber
  • 20 Sealant
  • 80 Iron
  • 10 Lithium

If you’re looking for these items, you can refer to our comprehensive Where to Buy Resources guide. Alternatively, you can also construct an Outpost to gain access to additional crafting materials.

Preparation Steps for the Grav Drive in First Contact Starfield Quest

After speaking with Amin and deciding to buy the Grav Drive, players must prepare their ship for the new component. Follow these instructions at each computer station:

Engineering Control Computer Beta

  • Which system would you like to adjust? Choose Plasma Run-Off Inhibitor
  • Adjust power level to: 5%

Engineering Control Computer Alpha

  • Which system would you like to divert power from? Select Turbopump – Port
  • Reroute Power To: Cryogenic Radiator – Auxiliary

Engineering Control Computer Gamma

  • Which system would you like to adjust?: Magnetic Flange Pipe Enclosures
  • Perform which action?: Decouple
  • Decouple from which component?: Auxiliary Module Assembly

When it comes to the Grav Drive systems, you have the flexibility to make adjustments as per your requirements. Whether it’s the Magnetic Flange Pipe Enclosures, decoupling, or selecting the specific component like the Auxiliary Module Assembly, the power is in your hands. By taking these actions, you can fine-tune the efficiency of the system to meet your needs and ensure seamless operation.

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After successfully initiating the systems for the Grav Drive, don’t forget to connect with Diana once again. She has exciting rewards waiting for you, including the highly sought-after Antique Earth Baseball, Antique Earth Basketball, and Antique Earth Hockey Stick. These unique items serve as a testament to your achievements and add a touch of nostalgia to your collection.

Now that you’ve completed the thrilling First Contact mission, gear up for the next adventure with our comprehensive guide on whether to destroy Hurst’s Ship or not. Your choices in this quest will shape the course of the game, so make sure to choose wisely. For more captivating content related to Starfield, don’t hesitate to explore the additional links provided below.

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