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Lavernicas House: Your Ultimate Guide to Finding All Dribbles the Clown Parts in BG3

A thrilling day at the circus in Baldur’s Gate 3 takes a dark turn when Orin and her doppelgangers unleash violence, leaving you on a quest to find the real Dribbles the Clown. Although he met a grim fate, Lucretious can reassemble him if you can track down all his scattered parts. In our comprehensive BG3 guide, we’ll show you exactly where to find each part and how to complete the quest.

Where to Find All Dribbles the Clown Parts in BG3

Dribbles the Clown’s parts are scattered across seven different locations in Baldur’s Gate 3, including the Temple of Bhaal, Alexander Rainforest’s home, and near the Basilisk Gate Barracks. Orin used each part in a twisted ritual, making it essential to recover all of them to complete the quest. Below, we’ve listed all seven locations in order of proximity.

Location of Dribbles the Clown’s Hand:

Locating Dribbles the Clown Torso is a piece of cake, as it can be found in the circus area. Simply make your way towards the east of Lucretious and keep an eye out for a small vendor called Popper. He is easy to spot. Now, here’s the exciting part – you have two options to acquire Dribbles’ hand off the plate. The first option is to utilize your stealth skills and sneak behind Popper to snatch the hand off the plate, undetected. Alternatively, you can choose to charm Popper into giving you the hand for free. The choice is yours, and either way, Dribbles the Clown Torso will soon be in your possession!

Where to Find Dribbles the Clown Torso:

Before reaching the city of Wyrm’s Crossing, there are two body parts that can be found. The first one is the hand, and the second one is the torso. To locate these body parts, you need to go underground. There are two ways to do this – either by using the hatch in the Open Hand Temple or by heading to the cave mouth on the beach.

Once you are inside, be on the lookout for a group of doppelgangers. Take them out and thoroughly search the area for any loot. In this area, you will come across the torso for Dribbles in BG3.

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Location of Dribbles the Clown’s Pelvis:

Once you arrive at the Lower City in Baldur’s Gate, embarking on a thrilling adventure, you’ll stumble upon the quest to find Dribbles the Clown’s missing body parts. The first part you can find is his pelvis, conveniently located near the main portal point in the lower city. To locate it, head north from the Basilisk Gate, passing the barracks, until you see a small building with a distinctive blue door.

However, be prepared for a recurring challenge in your search for Dribbles’ body parts – lockpicking. It’s essential to have a set of Thieves’ Tools on hand to successfully navigate this task. Once inside the small building with the blue door, use your lockpicking skills to open it, and then search the body on the floor to find Dribbles’ pelvis.

Location of Dribbles the Clown’s Arm:

If you’re on the hunt for Dribbles the Clown’s leg, you’ll want to make your way to the Lower City Central Wall. Once you’re there, navigate past the conspicuous white building, known as Sorcerous Sundries. Continue southeast until you come across a small house that has been cordoned off for investigation by the Fist.

Once you reach this house, you’ll need to break through the wall and carefully search the interior. Before long, you’ll come across a hidden hatch that will take you to the lower level. It is here that you’ll find the precious loot you seek – Dribbles the Clown’s leg.

Location of Dribbles the Clown’s Leg:

As you embark on your thrilling adventure, you may come across challenges that require a bit of cunning and resourcefulness. In this particular quest, acquiring a lockpick will be essential, just as expected. Fear not, for your quest for the lockpick will take you to the Lower City Central Wall, just before the graveyard, nestled within vibrant shades of green.

As you venture further, keep your keen eyes peeled for a humble abode known as Lavernica’s Home, residing on the left-hand side. Inside, a door awaits you, concealing a secret passage that leads underground to a chilling sight – a multitude of lifeless bodies strewn across the floor. Stay brave, for the reward lies ahead!

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Discovering Dribbles the Clown Foot Location:

Just a stone’s throw away from the leg, the foot can be found in a charming house located to the immediate left of Beehive General Goods. Step inside this quaint abode, and you’ll be greeted by the presence of a mischievous rat. As you set your sights on this tiny creature, a hatch beneath the stairs catches your attention. Make sure to explore this hidden spot, as you might stumble upon a body that was once used in a mysterious ritual.

Discover the Hideout of Dribbles the Clown:

Are you ready for an epic adventure in Baldur’s Gate 3? Get ready to embark on a thrilling quest to find the head of Dribbles the Clown in the Temple of Bhaal. This hidden temple is nestled within the Undercity Ruins section of the sewers, deep beneath the city. And let me tell you, it’s not going to be an easy feat!

To reach the Temple of Bhaal, you can take a couple of routes. One option is to make your way through the Elfsong Tavern, which will lead you to the Emperor’s Hideout. From there, you can access the hidden tunnel that will take you to the temple. However, if you’re looking for a shortcut, head south of Bloombridge Park in the lower city. You’ll find a manhole cover that will lead you directly to the ladder of the Undercity Ruins and the temple itself.

Before entering the Temple of Bhaal, a word of caution: this is no walk in the park. It’s considered the toughest part of the Dribbles quest in BG3. Make sure your party is well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Remember, you can always come back to the temple through the portal, so take your time to strategize and gather your resources.

Once inside the temple, you’ll encounter a series of challenges. The first obstacle is to open the door, which requires shooting the bodies hanging over the platform. This will grant you access, but be prepared for a fierce ambush. The Farslayer of Bhaal Ghislev, a formidable ritualist, along with three archers, will put your party to the test. Your best bet is to have your party jump to the right-side cliff and eliminate the Farslayer quickly with ranged attacks. Alternatively, a sneak attack can do the trick. Take him out as fast as possible to avoid a wipeout.

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With the ritualist defeated, head into the main temple entrance area. You’ll come across a group of bodies surrounding a statue. Search among them, and you’ll find the precious loot you seek – the head of Dribbles the Clown! This is one of the seven body parts you need to complete the quest.

Now that you have all seven body parts, it’s time to return to Lucretious at the Circus in Wyrm’s Crossing. Hand over the parts, and you’ll progress in the quest, bringing the clown back to his family. As a token of gratitude, the circus will reward you with the Spellmight Gloves. These powerful gloves allow you to sacrifice hit chance on spells with attack rolls for significantly higher damage.

How to Start the Dribbles the Clown Quest in BG3

If you’re itching to start the Dribbles the Clown quest in BG3, here’s how to get it going. In Act 3, head to the Circus of the Last Days, located on the southern side of Rivington. As you enter the circus, you’ll come across various vendors, but the main attraction is the clown act featuring Dribbles. However, things quickly take a dark turn as the clown turns into a murder clown, revealing his true nature.

After defeating the Doppelgangers in BG3, your mission is clear – find the remaining parts of Dribbles’ true body. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey filled with twists and turns as you uncover the secrets behind this sinister clown.

We sincerely hope that our Dribbles the Clown BG3 guide was invaluable to you. If you’re looking to complete the entire Open Hand Temple Murders quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide.






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