patience rewarded by natures own grace

Patience Rewarded by Nature’s Own Grace: Mastering the Wait Emote in Diablo 4’s Secret of the Spring

Diablo IV offers various ways to engage in the main storyline and side missions while exploring the vast world of Sanctuary. One of these quests, the Secret of the Spring, is particularly intriguing and challenging. Although finding and completing this quest can be difficult, it is certainly not impossible. Fear not, as we have all the information you need to navigate through this quest and solve its riddle in Diablo 4.

Updated on June 23, 2023, by Madison Benson: This update includes additional details on how to use emotes and the rewards you’ll receive.

To initiate the Secret of the Spring quest, head north of Kyovashad until you reach Kylsik Plateau. On a mountain ledge just below the Forsaken Quarry dungeon, you’ll come across a Discarded note on the ground, marking the beginning of the quest. Reading the note reveals the following passage:

“Beacon of warmth in winter’s embrace, patience rewarded by nature’s own grace.”

After reading the note, you’ll notice a small blue circle northeast of your location on the map. This indicates the presence of a water pool. Now, the key is to decipher what to do upon arriving at the pool. Don’t fret; I myself spent around 10 minutes here before realizing the solution.

However, the clue lies within the riddle itself – patience is the virtue you must embody.

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More specifically, you need to use the “Wait” emote to demonstrate your patience. By doing so, you’ll uncover a hidden chest containing valuable upgrade materials as rewards. This completes the quest and grants you a small amount of Renown.

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How to Use the “Wait” Emote During the Secret of the Spring Quest in Diablo 4

Follow these exact steps to equip the emote and successfully complete the Secret of the Spring quest:

  1. Press the E key on your keyboard or the up arrow on your controller to bring up the emote wheel.
  2. In the customization menu, scroll through until you find the Wait emote.
  3. Equip the Wait emote onto the wheel, save your changes, and then use it while standing next to the pool of water to uncover a hidden treasure chest.
With just a few simple steps, you can unlock a hidden surprise using the Wait emote. So go ahead and give it a try!

Unleash your inner adventurer and unravel the mysteries of Diablo 4! Embark on thrilling quests like the Secret of the Spring and the Raising Spirits quest, where you’ll uncover buried chests and conquer challenges with your emotes.

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