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Unlocking DMZ: The Ultimate Guide To Room 403 Key, Its Use, and Key Elimination Mission

Warzone Season 4 is an exciting update that introduces new features and missions in the Vondel environment. Among the newly added elements is the Lost Room 403 Key, which has become a popular item for players. If you’re wondering how to obtain this key and where it’s used in Warzone DMZ, we’ve got you covered.

There are multiple ways to acquire the Lost Room 403 Key in Warzone Season 4, and we will go through each method below, providing you with the best strategies to find and utilize it effectively.


The first method, although not the most reliable, is looting. In the various exclusion zones of DMZ, including Al Mazrah, Ashika Island, Vondel, Building 21, and the Koschei Complex, you can find the Lost Room 403 Key randomly in loot crates, chests, and duffel bags. However, keep in mind that the chances of finding the specific key you’re looking for are quite slim. If you happen to stumble upon it during a game, consider yourself lucky. Otherwise, it’s best to explore other options. Remember, “first the worst,” as the old saying goes.

Key Elimination Mission

The second method, and arguably the best, is to complete the Key Elimination Mission for the White Lotus Faction. In Season 4, this mission is classified as Tier 2, making it reasonably achievable. The mission has three main objectives for players to complete:

  1. Complete an Eliminate HVT contract.
  2. Retrieve a key from an HVT or other sources.
  3. Use the key to unlock a locked space or a locked cache.

By successfully accomplishing these objectives, you will obtain the Lost Room 403 Key and unlock its potential in Warzone DMZ.

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Unlocking a locked space or cache is a straightforward task that doesn’t require much complexity. It’s important to note that any key can be used to unlock, not necessarily the Lost Room 403 Key or the key obtained through the HVT Contract.

An HVT contract, which stands for High Value Target Contract, is a simple mission where players accept a contract and track down and eliminate the designated high value target. The symbol associated with HVT contracts is a crosshair within a contract, as shown in the image below. These contracts can be found in various exclusion zones.

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Completing all three of the objectives mentioned above will not only reward you with the coveted Lost Room 403 Key but also a generous 7,500 XP.

Discovering Lost Room 403

Curious about where to use the Lost Room 403 Key? Well, you’ll be relieved to know that despite its ‘lost’ moniker, we have pinpointed its exact location.

You can find Lost Room 403 on Ashika Island, southeast of Town Centre and north of the Beach Club. If we get more specific, it can be found in map grid F6.

Interestingly enough, the building housing Lost Room 403 was once a formidable Stronghold in our thrilling game. To access it, we simply acquired a Stronghold Keycard from a conveniently located Buy Station and skillfully defeated all the enemies that stood in our way.

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Once you step inside the building, make your way to the top floor using the convenient elevator shaft. As you turn the corner, you’ll notice a locked room on your left, easily identifiable by the iconic white ‘X’ on the door. Welcome to Room 403!

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When it comes to finding hidden treasures, persistence and a little bit of exploration can go a long way. In the game Call of Duty DMZ, there is a door with numbers on it, making it easy to locate. Grab the key and unlock the door to reveal the exciting loot that awaits inside. You can expect to find valuable items such as Gold Bars, Orange Crates, and a substantial amount of cash.

If you’re feeling adventurous, don’t forget to grab the Tsuki Castle Hideout Key along the way. This key will grant you access to another exciting location filled with even more valuable loot.

For all things related to Call of Duty DMZ, including the most powerful loadouts for Season 4, Twinfinite is your ultimate source of information. Stick with us to stay up-to-date with the latest strategies and tips.

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