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Destiny 2: Unveiling the Root of Nightmares Loot Table and Legendary Weapons

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of Destiny 2’s Root of Nightmares raid? Prepare yourself for an abundance of rewards that await you in this thrilling adventure. From amazing weapons and unique armors to valuable armor mods that can enhance any build, the Root of Nightmares raid has it all. If you’re curious about the loot table and what you can obtain from this raid, you’ve come to the right place!

Before we delve further, make sure to check out our comprehensive Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares guide. It provides an overview of the raid activity, its mechanics, and the formidable bosses you’ll face in this latest addition to the FPS game.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares loot table, courtesy of

Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares Weapons – An Overview

The weapons found in the Root of Nightmares raid are among the finest in the game. However, they are exclusive drops from specific encounters, meaning you’ll need to progress through the entire raid to increase your chances of obtaining these coveted exotic weapons. Keep in mind that these drops are not guaranteed, so be prepared to run the raid multiple times if you seek a particular Root of Nightmares weapon. For those seeking specific weapon rolls, even more grinding may be required, as these rolls are primarily dependent on luck.

Let’s take a look at the new weapons and the encounters where you can find each:

  • Conditional Finality: Exotic shotgun (final encounter)
  • Briar’s Contempt: Legendary Solar linear fusion rifle (first encounter, final encounter)
  • Koraxis’s Distress: Legendary Strand grenade launcher (first encounter, second encounter, final encounter)
  • Nessa’s Oblation: Legendary Void shotgun (first encounter, second encounter, final encounter)
  • Mykel’s Reverence: Legendary Strand sidearm (second encounter, third encounter, final encounter)
  • Acasia’s Dejection: Legendary Solar trace rifle (second encounter, third encounter, final encounter)
  • Rufus’s Fury: Legendary Strand auto rifle (third encounter, final encounter)

All of the Root of Nightmares Legendary weapons are incredibly powerful, meaning they are definitely worth the effort to acquire.

Destiny 2 Conditional Finality Exotic Shotgun

One standout weapon is the Conditional Finality, an Exotic shotgun classified as a Stasis weapon. This remarkable shotgun deals damage in both Stasis and Solar elements. The pellets on one side impact targets with Stasis, while the pellets on the other side unleash Solar devastation upon your enemies.

Prepare to dominate your enemies with the exceptional abilities of the Root of Nightmares Legendary weapons in Destiny 2. Each weapon in this extraordinary set is named after a unique individual, adding a touch of personalization to your arsenal.

One notable trait that sets these weapons apart is the Harmonic Resonance. When you equip multiple weapons from this set, you unlock powerful bonuses. This includes increased reload speed and handling, as well as amplified damage against Tormenters, Lucent Hive, and Guardians utilizing their supers.

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But the excitement doesn’t end there. Harmonic mods offer additional perks when matched with your subclass element, enhancing your combat capabilities even further.

It’s worth noting that these Legendary raid weapons are not only obtainable, but also craftable. By earning red border variants of these weapons and collecting five patterns, you unlock the ability to craft your own customized version. Additionally, adept versions of these weapons can be earned for those seeking an even greater challenge.

Briar’s Contempt

Among the Root of Nightmares Legendary weapons, Briar’s Contempt stands out as an aggressive frame Legendary Solar linear fusion rifle. This weapon is a formidable addition to any loadout, offering exceptional damage output. The curated roll boasts Demolitionist, which grants additional grenade energy, and Focused Fury, where precise shots deal bonus weapon damage, making it a force to be reckoned with.

Koraxis’s Distress

Introducing the incredible selection of powerful weapons in Destiny 2’s Root of Nightmares expansion! Each weapon comes with its own unique perks, giving Guardians the edge they need in both PvP and PvE activities. Let’s dive into some of the standout weapons:

Rapid-Fire Frame Strand Power Grenade Launcher:

This formidable grenade launcher can drop with the Hatchling trait, which spawns Threadlings with precision hits or rapid kills. Additionally, it may have Chain Reaction, causing final blows to create elemental explosions. With this weapon in your arsenal, you’ll dominate the battlefield with explosive force.

Nessa’s Oblation:

For those who favor shotguns, Nessa’s Oblation is a Void energy slug shotgun that packs a punch. It offers predictably vertical recoil and perks like Destabilizing Rounds, which makes foes become volatile. Another powerful perk is Fourth Time’s the Charm, providing two rounds back to the magazine when rapidly landing precision hits. Get ready to obliterate your enemies with this devastating shotgun.

Mykel’s Reverence:

Raiders can’t stop talking about Mykel’s Reverence, the rapid-fire frame Strand kinetic sidearm that excels in both PvP and PvE. This mighty weapon can drop with Perpetual Motion, granting stability, handling, and speed bonuses while the Guardian is in motion. Additionally, it may have Paracausal Affinity, which enhances weapon damage for a short time after every final blow of the weapon’s affinity type. Prepare to harness the power of darkness with this phenomenal sidearm.

Acasia’s Dejection:

If you’re searching for a solar energy weapon with impeccable aim assistance and stability, look no further than Acasia’s Dejection. This adaptive frame Legendary trace rifle is a force to be reckoned with. It comes with Reconstruction, allowing it to reload itself over time, effectively doubling its capacity. Moreover, it boasts High-Impact Reserves, ensuring the rounds at the end of the magazine deal devastating damage. This trace rifle will leave your foes in awe of its power.

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Rufus’s Fury:

Ranked as one of the best non-exotic weapons of the season, Rufus’s Fury is a Legendary Strand kinetic auto rifle that will impress any Guardian. Its curated roll includes Harmony, which synergizes with other weapons by improving damage and performance for a short duration after securing final blows. Another remarkable perk is Thresh, granting a small amount of Super energy with each enemy eliminated. Whether you choose the curated roll or opt for perks like Hatchling and Demolitionist, this auto rifle is a must-have for devastating PvE encounters.

As avid players of Destiny know, specific pieces of armor can be earned by clearing specific encounters. In the Root of Nightmares expansion, the Destiny 2 armor sets available are as follows:

Titan: Agony Armour Set

  • Helm of Agony
  • Gauntlets of Agony
  • Plates of Agony
  • Greaves of Agony
  • Mark of Agony

Hunter: Trepidation Armour Set

  • Mask of Trepidation
  • Grips of Trepidation
  • Vest of Trepidation

Are you a Titan or a Hunter in your favorite video game? If you’re looking for the perfect armor set to enhance your gameplay, you’re in luck! The Titan class has the Agony armor set, which includes the Helm of Agony, Gauntlets of Agony, Plates of Agony, Greaves of Agony, and Mark of Agony. These pieces of armor will surely make you a force to be reckoned with.

On the other hand, if you prefer the Hunter class, the Trepidation armor set is for you. This set consists of the Mask of Trepidation, Grips of Trepidation, and Vest of Trepidation. With this sleek and efficient armor, you’ll be ready to stealthily take down your enemies.

So, whether you’re a Titan or a Hunter, these armor sets will not only provide you with the protection you need but also make you look incredibly badass. Get ready to conquer your virtual world with these top-tier armor sets!

Powerful Armor Sets in the Game

  • Trepidation Set:
    • Boots of Trepidation
    • Cloak of Trepidation
  • Detestation Set (for Warlocks):
    • Mask of Detestation
    • Wraps of Detestation
    • Robes of Detestation
    • Boots of Detestation
    • Bond of Detestation

If you’re looking for powerful armor sets in the game, you won’t be disappointed with the Trepidation and Detestation sets. The Trepidation set consists of the Boots of Trepidation and the Cloak of Trepidation. These pieces not only provide excellent defense but also give your character a distinctive appearance.

If you’re a Warlock, the Detestation set is the one for you. This remarkable set includes the Mask of Detestation, Wraps of Detestation, Robes of Detestation, Boots of Detestation, and Bond of Detestation. Equipping these pieces will significantly enhance your character’s abilities and make you a force to be reckoned with.

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Now that you know what pieces are included in each armor set, you can strategize and plan your encounters accordingly to maximize your chances of obtaining these powerful items.

  • In the first encounter, you can obtain the Chest, Arms, and Helmet armor pieces.
  • In the second encounter, you can earn the Chest, Arms, and Legs armor pieces.
  • In the third encounter, you can acquire the Chest, Legs, and Class armor pieces.
  • In the fourth encounter, you can attain the Head and Legs armor pieces.

It’s worth noting that these armor pieces have incredible visual effects when paired with specific shaders. So, if you take pride in your impeccable fashion sense in Destiny 2, adding this armor set to your collection is a must.

Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares Raid – Exclusive Mods

Players also have the opportunity to earn exclusive raid-specific mods. Aztecross, a popular YouTuber, has compiled a list of what players can potentially earn. Check it out:

  • Chill Out: Equipping a Stasis subclass and defeating a combatant with a Stasis weapon spawns a Stasis crystal.
  • Precise Jolts: Equipping an Arc subclass and landing rapid precision hits with Arc weapons jolts the target.
  • Volatile Volleys: Equipping a Void subclass and defeating powerful combatants with a Void weapon grants your Void weapons Volatile Rounds.
  • Radiant Heat: Equipping a Solar subclass and getting powerful combatant final blows with Solar weapons grants Radiant.
  • Tangled Up: Equipping a Strand subclass and defeating a combatant with a Strand weapon spawns a Tangle.
  • Cabal Extinguisher: When an ally gains Flux of Darkness or Field of Light, you deal increased weapon damage to Cabal for a short time.
  • Release Recover: When you lose Flux of Darkness or Field of Light, your health begins to recover.
  • Focused Light: When you have Field of Light, you gain increased weapon damage and resilience.
  • Focused Darkness: When you have Flux of Darkness, you gain increased ability damage and mobility.

Completing the raid also rewards players with the Gift of Cruelty Exotic ship, the Dream Demon Exotic sparrow, new shaders, and an emblem.

That’s everything you need to know about the weapons, armor, and mods you can earn by conquering the Root of Nightmares raid. For more information on the game’s seasonal loot, be sure to check out our Destiny 2 Lightfall exotics list, Destiny 2 Vexcalibur exotic glaive guide, Final Warning exotic guide, Winterbite exotic glaive guide, Deterministic Chaos exotic guide, and Quicksilver Storm catalyst guide. And don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Destiny 2 Season 21 release date to stay up-to-date with what’s coming in the future of this multiplayer game.






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