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Sarin’s Corpse in Baldur’s Gate 3: Location, Quest Rewards and Connection to Daniel Wenerowicz

Exploring sewers in RPG games always leads to encounters with bizarre creatures, and Baldur’s Gate 3 is no exception. In this game, you will come across a grease mage who guards Sarin’s Skeleton as they perform the final rites on the corpse. Completing this quest requires a few strategic steps, but fear not – I’ll guide you through.

Locating Sarin’s Skull in Baldur’s Gate 3

You can find Sarin’s Skull to the northwest of Sarin’s Skeleton, deep within the Undercity Ruins section of the sewers. Look for a portal marked as the “Undercity Ruins,” which will make it easier to locate the skull.

To reach the Undercity Ruins, navigate through the Lower City Sewers. Pay attention to the minimap, as the location name will change to “Undercity Ruins” when you pass through the archway at coordinates X: -138 Y: 907. The door to the Undercity Ruins can be found at coordinates X: -133 Y: 934.

Once you arrive at the portal, you will spot a silent vendor standing near a set of stairs. Conveniently, this location is also close to the Temple of Bhaal.

Discover the thrilling quest for Sarin’s Skull in your favorite game! To score this coveted item, head to the pack located discreetly behind the mysterious silent vendor perched upon the stairs. Here’s a pro tip: coordinate with your party members to maximize efficiency. Have three party members positioned in front of the Penitent Vendor while a brave soul goes solo to execute the daring theft from the pack. Upon successfully obtaining Sarin’s Skull, brace yourself for a heart-pounding encounter with Sarin’s headless ghost. You’ll be whisked away back to the casket in a spine-chilling journey you won’t soon forget.

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Now that you’ve successfully navigated through the mysterious sewer quest without being caught by the vendor or the ghost, it’s time to bring it to a close.

To complete the Sarin’s Skeleton quest, head back to the casket and interact with Sarin’s casket. Ensure that you place the skull in the corresponding slot and combine the two, just like you would with any other puzzles in the game. Sarin’s ghost will express gratitude, and congratulations! The quest is now officially finished.

Reward for Sarin’s Skeleton Quest:

Upon placing the skull, Sarin’s Ghost will generously reward you with an amulet that grants Innate Fortitude. This unique amulet allows your character to react with the Fortitude perk once per long rest when making Attack Rolls or Saving Throws. Obtaining this valuable amulet is as simple as placing a skull.

The most challenging part of the quest involves dealing with the mage named Aelis Siryasius. Even if you were successful in persuading him not to attack initially, he will still be furious upon your return. To mitigate any potential trouble, either leave a party member there to guard the area while you retrieve the skull or prepare yourself for an intense battle against numerous grease elementals.

Siryasius will have an army of formidable grease monsters, which can pose a significant challenge. The key to victory lies in unleashing a flurry of flame attacks to quickly dispatch them. Focus your efforts on defeating the mage himself, as all the monsters will vanish once he’s been defeated.

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