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Starfield Faction Rewards: An Exploration into United Colonies, Freestar Collective, Crimson Fleet, and Ryujin Industry Prizes

The Exciting Rewards of Faction Quests in Starfield

The faction quests in Starfield are undoubtedly one of the most thrilling aspects of the game, providing players with not only captivating stories and challenging missions but also a plethora of enticing rewards. If you’re wondering what rewards await you in each faction, look no further!

In Starfield, you will encounter four distinct factions, each offering their own unique questline, along with exclusive loot and bonuses. While the concrete value of the rewards may differ from faction to faction, I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to complete each one.

United Colonies Faction Rewards

Embarking on the final questline of the United Colonies will open the door to a bounty of exciting rewards.

Upon completing the mission “Friends Like These,” you will be rewarded with UC Citizenship. This prestigious status allows you to purchase a luxurious apartment in The Wells. However, the true benefits await you upon conquering the final mission, “A Legacy Forged.” This achievement will elevate you to the esteemed position of First-Class Citizen, granting you an exclusive permanent discount when shopping in New Atlantis, including the renowned Trade Union. Additionally, you will be bestowed with a lavish penthouse in the prestigious Residence District, nestled within the striking Mercury Tower.

Prepare yourself for a fulfilling adventure filled with captivating storytelling, exhilarating challenges, and incredible rewards as you delve into the faction quests in Starfield!

During the Hostile Intelligence quest, you’ll be rewarded with some impressive equipment:

  • Armor-Plated Calibrated UC Antixeno Skip Pack: This boostpack enhances your skip capacity with its sturdy, fastened, and armor-plated features.
  • Incendiary Calibrated Antixeno Space Helmet: This helmet is equipped with beast hunter, analyzer, and incendiary functionalities.
  • Sentinel’s Calibrated UC Antixeno Spacesuit: This spacesuit provides beast hunter, auto-medic, and sentinel capabilities.
  • X-989 Microgun: This rare heavy gun is fitted with a long barrel, laser sight, tactical grip, and tactical magazine.
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Although these rewards may not be considered “end mission” rewards, they are exceptionally valuable in the early stages of the game and worth noting.

Rewards from the Freestar Collective Faction

The Freestar Collective, known as our space cowboys, offers fitting rewards that complement their role.

Upon completing The Hammer Falls, the final quest in the Freestar Collective faction questline, you will receive:

  • Freestar Ranger Badge
  • Justifier Rifle: This rifle is equipped with a long barrel, laser sight, compensator, tactical magazine, and hair trigger.
  • Ranger Apparel
  • Ranger Spacesuit, Pack, and Helmet
  • The Star Eagle Ship

Discover the ultimate rewards in the world of Star Eagle! While you can certainly explore different options to enhance your gaming experience, the Star Eagle offers an unparalleled journey that makes every moment worthwhile.

Unlock the Crimson Fleet Faction Rewards

Embark on an epic quest where you will face a pivotal decision: Will you align yourself with SysDef or join the ranks of the formidable Crimson Fleet? This choice has tremendous implications on the loot you will acquire throughout your adventure.

If you choose to ally with SysDef, you can look forward to the following exclusive rewards:

  • Unleash your fury with the Berserker Combat Knife
  • Stand out in style with the sleek Sysdef Formal Uniform
  • Enjoy greater financial freedom with a generous bounty of 250,000 Credits
  • For even more lucrative prospects, should you successfully defeat Delgado, you will gain access to his prized attire, Delgado’s Outfit, and his legendary weapon, the fearsome Tempest

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Star Eagle and seize the opportunity to claim these incredible rewards. The choice is yours!

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When choosing to align yourself with the Crimson Fleet in your journey, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with a variety of enticing perks. These include:

  • The Key, a highly sought-after location that will unlock new possibilities for you
  • An extravagant apartment within the premises of the Crimson Fleet, offering luxurious living conditions
  • An impressive sum of 250,000 Credits to help you ascend to new heights
  • If you manage to eliminate Ikande, you’ll not only acquire Ikande’s Outfit but also his formidable weapon, Unfair Advantage

As you progress through the faction’s quests, you’ll also come across several other rewards that will embellish your journey. Among them, one incredibly significant reward is the legendary weapon known as the Revenant. It’s essential to note that this weapon can be easily overlooked unless you diligently pursue it during the penultimate mission.

Unveiling the Rewards of the Ryujin Industry Faction

Among all the faction quests you’ll encounter, the Ryujin Industry faction quest undoubtedly stands out as the most enjoyable. However, it must be said that the rewards it offers may not be as lucrative as those of other factions.

Although not specifically a final mission reward, you will have the opportunity to acquire the highly coveted Operative Suit during the mission aptly named Sabotage. This cutting-edge stealth armor possesses the remarkable ability to reduce your chances of being detected by 25%, making it an invaluable asset in your endeavors.

At the conclusion of your journey with Ryujin Industries, you will also be presented with a decision. However, the rewards you receive will remain unchanged, regardless of your choice. These rewards include:

  • 16,400 Credits
  • An office located on the Operations floor of Ryujin Industries
  • Access to the Mission Board
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Admittedly, these rewards may not be the most exciting. While the office does come with a safe and a few items such as digipicks, a gun rack, and some medication, it pales in comparison to the rewards offered by other factions.






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