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Starfield Marika Boros: Unveiling Her Background and Unique Skills

Are you curious about Marika Boros in Starfield? Well, you’re in luck! In the vast Starfield universe, filled with vibrant planets, stunning venues, and bustling cities, there’s no shortage of life. And Marika Boros is just one of the 20+ named NPCs that you can recruit to join your team.

Leading up to the highly anticipated release of Starfield, Marika Boros is one of the few names we already know. In the Constellation Question video, Marika is showcased as a crew member, demonstrating her skills and assignments within the Starfield universe. But what else do we know about this intriguing companion?

Marika Boros Background

Based on the gameplay deep dive video, it appears that Marika Boros can be hired from The Viewport in New Atlantis. If you’re looking for someone to have your back, Marika is your go-to recruit, as she possesses expertise in a wide range of weaponry.

The Viewport is situated in New Atlantis, the largest among the cities in Starfield. Here, you can expect to encounter many more NPCs who can be recruited for your team. Currently, it remains uncertain whether Marika is affiliated with Constellation, the organization based in New Atlantis, or if she aligns herself with the United Colonies, the faction that calls the city home.

Marika Boros Skills

  • Ballistics (two stars)
  • Shotgun Certificate (one star)
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems (one star)

As evidenced by her skill set, Marika is a formidable fighter with proficiency in various firearms. She will be most effective when assigned to manage and maintain your ship’s arsenal. While it is confirmed that Marika can be assigned to the Frontier, your starter ship, it remains unclear whether she can be stationed at one of the Starfield outposts scattered throughout the universe.

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Now that you have learned more about Marika Boros in Starfield, perhaps you’d like to familiarize yourself with other notable cities such as Starfield Akila and Starfield Neon. Alternatively, if getting closer to this particular crewmate piques your interest, be sure to check out our guide to Starfield romance. And if you are hungry for more, our newly launched Starfield Database provides daily news, searchable databanks, and interactive tools to enhance your Starfield experience.






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