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Starfield Red Harvest Reserve: A Detailed Guide for The Runaway Quest and Vital Choices

Imagine the thrilling adventure of a young girl desperate to escape her abusive father, pursued through the vast expanse of space by relentless bounty hunters. This is the dramatic story of Rivkah in Starfield, and fortunately, you can lend her a hand in various ways. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to successfully complete the quest “Runaway” in the game.

To initiate the quest, you need to speak with Rivkah, who can be found either in the main mining area within Cydonia or in the dorms. Through your conversation with her, you’ll learn about the years of abuse she endured and how she finally took matters into her own hands, knocking out her father and escaping into space. However, her health has suffered, and she now requires medical attention for lung rot. But seeking medical help would also expose her location to her father, Natan.

In order to assist Rivkah, she asks you to convince her father to cease his relentless pursuit. Here’s how you can help:

  • Option 1: Speak to the bartender in Cydonia and purchase a bottle of Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey.
  • Option 2: Alternatively, you can steal a bottle of Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey from Governor Hurst’s office.
  • Head to Hotel Volii on Neon.
  • Speak to the receptionist at Hotel Volii.
  • Talk to the receptionist again to obtain information regarding Natan’s room.
  • Choose to persuade, converse with, or confront Natan.
  • Return to Rivkah to claim your well-deserved reward.

Acquiring the bottle of whiskey is relatively simple. Just head up to the main floor of Cydonia, where you can access your ship. From there, you have two options:

How to Obtain the Bottle of Red Harvest Reserve for the “Runaway” Quest in Starfield

If you choose to purchase the whiskey, make your way to the Broken Spear bar located right beside the entrance and exit of Cydonia.

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To acquire the item, you can approach the bartender, Jack, and negotiate a purchase. Try your luck and engage in a conversation with him. If you manage to successfully convince him, you can buy the item at a discounted price of 600 credits. Keep in mind that to succeed in this persuasion, you will need to accumulate a minimum of eight points.

However, if you find this process to be time-consuming or costly, there is an alternative option. Make your way to Hurst’s office and consider stealing the item instead.

If you have taken down Governor Hurst and exposed his corrupt actions, CDM Woodard will take his place. However, the overall environment and surroundings will remain unchanged. You can find Governor Woodard’s office down the hall to the far right, just past the Trade Authority, at Cydonia’s entrance.

As you enter, you will notice a side table against the wall where the bottle of Red Harvest Reserve will be conveniently placed, right across from the entrance.

But here’s the catch – Hurst or Woodard are likely to be sitting at their desks, and the bottle is right there, in plain view. But don’t worry, you can wait patiently for the governor to walk away and seize the opportunity to grab it.

How to reach Hotel Volii in Neon on Starfield

If you haven’t explored Neon yet, don’t fret. Simply head back to your ship and get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure. Make your way to Olympus, assuming you’ve already unlocked this fascinating planet. Once you’ve arrived, open your Star Menu and locate Volii Alpha. Initiate a jump to this destination, but keep in mind that your ship will undergo the scrutiny of a scan upon arrival.

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After successfully scanning, it’s time to embark on your adventure. To begin, open the Missions Menu and locate the “Runaway” option. Press the “Set Course” button and get ready for an exhilarating journey.

Upon arrival in Neon, disembark from your ship and proceed forward. Follow the path that leads you underneath the vibrant Neon sign, staying on course. As you continue, you’ll eventually come across an elevator at the end of the path. Step inside and let it transport you into the heart of the city.

As soon as you step into the vibrant world of Neon, your eyes will be drawn to a mesmerizing dragon billboard. Follow your instincts and make a right turn at this eye-catching landmark. Before you, in all its glory, lies Hotel Volii, positioned slightly to the right. Keep an eye out for Reliant Medical, as the hotel will be just past it on your journey through this lively city.

Discovering Natan’s Room in Hotel Volii in Starfield

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling quest in Starfield? One of the challenges you’ll face is locating Natan’s room in Hotel Volii. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide.

To begin, approach the front desk and engage in a conversation with the receptionist, Minerva. Show your confidence by saying, “I’m not concerned about the price.” Then, select the dialogue option, “That must have taken a miracle to arrange.”

Minerva will respond with enthusiasm, and now is your chance to impress her. Mention that you have a bottle of Red Harvest Whiskey for Natan, sent by his daughter. Minerva will be delighted by your gesture and inform you that Natan’s room is located on the third floor.

Make your way to the third floor and knock on Natan’s door. He will greet you and present you with three choices to make.

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Deciding Natan’s Fate: Persuade, Talk, or Kill in Runaway, Starfield?

There are three possible outcomes for this conversation, each leading to different consequences.

The first option is to use your persuasion skills and convince Natan to reconcile with his daughter. By doing so, he will withdraw his bounty hunters and promise to make amends with Rivkah. However, you’ll need to earn at least 8 Persuasion points to succeed in this path.

If you choose to talk to Natan without persuasion, he will remain stubborn and continue his pursuit of Rivkah, without any change in his mindset.

Alternatively, you can take the extreme route and kill Natan. This way, you can loot his body and assure Rivkah that she is safe from any future harm.

Claim Your Rewards by Returning to Rivkah

Regardless of the path you choose, make sure to return to Rivkah on Cydonia, Mars, to claim your reward. You can find her in the central mining area, straight ahead from the entrance of Cydonia.

  • Reward for successfully persuading Rivkah’s father: 2,500 Credits. Sarah will be pleased and Rivkah will be content.
  • Reward for talking to Rivkah’s father: 1,300 credits. Sarah will appreciate your effort.
  • Reward for attacking and killing Rivkah’s father: 1,300 credits. Sarah will disapprove of this outcome and Rivkah will be conflicted and unhappy.

Regardless of the outcome, the life of one woman has been greatly impacted. However, there’s more to explore in Cydonia. In fact, you can embark on a quest that can earn you a generous reward of 12,000 credits.






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