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Exploiting Starfield Salvage Items: Patrick Souza’s Comprehensive Guide

Managing inventory in Starfield can be a challenging task. You often end up with a plethora of weapons and equipment that have been surpassed by better options, but you hesitate to sell them because they may be modded or seem too valuable to let go. Salvaging these items and utilizing their parts would be ideal. However, in Starfield, there is no option to salvage equipment.

Your only choices for disposing of unwanted items are selling them to vendors, dropping them on the ground, or storing them in your ship’s cargo. However, storing items doesn’t truly get rid of them. Unfortunately, if you used resources to enhance your equipment with mods, you won’t be able to retrieve them. Once applied, mods are permanent, and you cannot recover the resources spent on them later.

Since inventory space is limited, looting every weapon you come across is not a practical strategy. Apart from earning a few extra credits by selling them, carrying these extra weapons will only weigh you down during your journeys, making them more of a burden than an advantage.

Currently, the game does not provide the option to salvage materials from unwanted weapons. This omission is disappointing for players who would appreciate having something to do with these surplus weapons. However, there is hope that Bethesda might include this feature in a future update. Alternatively, modders may step in to fulfill this desire.

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