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Starfield Weapon Mods: An In-depth Guide to Mod Slots and Armor Enhancements

Are you ready to take your Starfield gameplay to the next level? Look no further than the best Starfield weapon mods. These powerful attachments can give your favorite weapons a much-needed boost, allowing you to customize your arsenal to match your playstyle. Whether you’re facing off against the Starfield Crimson Fleet or taking on the strange creatures of the galaxy, these weapon mods will ensure you have the upper hand.

Acquiring the best Starfield weapon mods isn’t a walk in the park. You’ll need to complete Starfield research projects and collect specific Starfield materials to craft these powerful attachments. But trust us, the effort is well worth it.

Now let’s dive into the top Starfield weapon mods and the materials required to craft them:

  • Muzzle Brake – Sealant x2, Titanium x2, Tungsten x3
  • High Powered – Adhesive x3, Isocentered Magnet x1, Tantalum x3, Titanium x4
  • Whitehot Rounds – Aluminum x1, Iron x1, Solvent x1
  • Large Magazine – Lead x2, Sealant x2, Tungsten x2

While all weapon mods have their uses, there are some that should be your top priority. For the ultimate Starfield ranged build, prioritize accuracy above all else.

Unlock your Starfield weapon mod slots

In addition to the weapon mods themselves, you can also unlock various mod slots for your guns. These mod slots offer unique advantages and can further enhance your weaponry. Here are some of the available mod slots:

  • Amplifier – Increases power output for higher damage
  • Armor-piercing Rounds – Penetrates even the toughest armor
  • Holographic Sight – Improves target visibility
  • Explosive Rounds – Creates small explosions on impact
  • Large Battery – Increases ammo capacity
  • Small Magazine – Reduces ammo capacity but increases reload speed
  • Suppressor – Reduces noise while improving accuracy
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These mod slots, combined with the best Starfield weapon mods, will make you a force to be reckoned with in the galaxy. Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect setup for your playstyle.

Upgrade your gear with Starfield armor mods

But the customization doesn’t end with weapons. Starfield also allows you to craft armor mods to further enhance your character’s defensive capabilities. These mods can provide various effects and are a valuable addition to your gear.

On top of that, there’s a separate pool of legendary Starfield armor mod slots. These slots contain special effects that can greatly enhance your equipment and are often reflected in the name of the gear itself.

So, don’t neglect your armor when customizing your character. Combine powerful weapon mods with the right armor mods to create an unstoppable force in Starfield.

Get ready to conquer the galaxy with the best Starfield weapon mods and armor mods. Craft your perfect loadout and leave your mark on the universe!

  • Anti-Ballistic – Minimizes incoming physical damage from ranged weapons by 15%.
  • Auto-Medic – Automatically utilizes a Med Pack when health drops below 25%, once every 60 seconds.
  • Balanced Boostpack – Offers a boostpack with a well-balanced power output.
  • Ballistic Shielding – Enhances damage resistance against ballistic attacks.
  • Basic Boostpack – Provides an entry-level boostpack option.
  • Constellation Skin – A cosmetic skin with a stunning Constellation theme.
  • EM Shielding – Increases resistance to electromagnetic attacks.
  • Emergency Aid – Administers emergency aid when health is low, with a short recharge time after use.
  • Energy Shielding – Enhances resistance to energy-based attacks.
  • Exo Servos – Amplifies melee damage for more formidable attacks.
  • Explosive Shielding – Reduces damage taken from explosive sources.
  • Extra Capacity – Increases carrying capacity by an additional 10 kilograms.
  • Gravitic Composites – Reduces the detection range by enemies.
  • Hacker – Gives an additional two maximum attempts when hacking.
  • Hazard Protection – Increases resistance to airborne, thermal, corrosive, and radiation hazards.
  • Heavy Shielding – Amplifies overall damage resistance against all types of attacks.
  • Medic – Aid items restore more health and quicken the healing process.
  • Old Mars Skin – A cosmetic skin with a Mars-themed design, available as a Starfield pre-order bonus.
  • Optimized Servos – Reduces oxygen consumption while sprinting.
  • Oxygen Reserve – Increases oxygen capacity by 10%.
  • Pocketed – Augments carrying capacity for more efficient resource gathering.
  • Power Boostpack – Boostpack with increased power output, ideal for maneuvering in high-gravity environments.
  • Regeneration – Slowly regenerates health when outside of combat situations.
  • Resources Hauler – Reduces the weight of collected resources by 25%.
  • Sensor Array – Expands the compass range for enemy detection.
  • Skip Capacity Boostpack – Sacrifices boost height for heightened mobility with a short duration, high-intensity output.
  • Technician – Reduces damage taken from robotic enemies by 15%.
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As you embark on your Starfield missions, you’ll need to adapt your weapons to different situations, whether it’s infiltrating a heavily guarded facility or defending yourself against the unique creatures found on various planets. Modifying your weapons can provide you with a tailored approach for each scenario. Additionally, don’t forget to enhance your melee weapons, such as axes and knives, if you’re interested in creating the ultimate Starfield melee build.

While focusing on your offensive capabilities, it’s also worth exploring the various factions and religions in Starfield. Your choices in these areas can influence your character build and overall gameplay experience. If you’re looking for an in-depth understanding of combat and crafting in Starfield, be sure to check out our Starfield review, where we share our firsthand experience.

Still hungry for more information? While a Starfield wiki can be a valuable source of knowledge, our new Starfield Database offers even more. Explore the latest news, dive into searchable databanks, and utilize interactive tools to enhance your Starfield journey.






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