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Unraveling the Untraceable DMZ: Unlocking Missions and Exploring Reward Possibilities

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode as Season 3 brings exciting updates, new missions, and a wealth of captivating content. Among these updates is the thrilling Untraceable mission, available exclusively to players aligned with the Legion Faction. To successfully complete this Tier 2 Story Mission, players must conquer three challenging tasks. Get ready for an unforgettable experience as we guide you through completing the Untraceable Mission in Warzone 2 DMZ.

Unlocking the Mission

Before embarking on the Untraceable Mission, players must prove their expertise in the DMZ world. Only those who have unlocked the Legion Faction by successfully completing the Stronghold Reacquisition Mission and accomplishing five out of the six missions within the Legion Faction will gain access to this thrilling quest.

All Untraceable Mission Tasks

Unlike other missions such as Dealmaker, which involve trading backpacks and finding items, the Untraceable Mission requires players to carry out a high-stakes assassination in Al Mazrah. To successfully complete the mission, players must conquer three tasks:

  • Take a weapon from the Sattiq Caves Dead Drop
  • Assassinate the Chemist
  • Return the weapon to the Sattiq Caves Dead Drop

Taking a Weapon from Sattiq Caves Dead Drop

In order to progress through the mission, players must first visit the Sattiq Caves Dead Drop, a familiar location for some DMZ missions. Located just north of the main Sattiq Caves POI and to the east of the main stronghold in the region, players will find a white dumpster marking the location of the Dead Drop. However, be prepared to face off against AI opponents guarding the area. Arm yourself with weapons and gear to overcome these obstacles and gain access to the Dead Drop.

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The moment you open the dumpster in the Untraceable mission, you’ll discover a hidden gem: the SP-X 80 sniper rifle. This powerful weapon is your ticket to a successful assassination.

Executing the Perfect Assassination

Locating the elusive Chemist is the next crucial step in the mission. Keep your eyes peeled for a distinctive yellow circle on the minimap, adorned with a striking purple symbol. These markings indicate the presence of a Radiation Zone, where you’ll find the Chemist.

Identified by their yellow hazmat suit, the Chemist might appear invincible with their full armor. However, fear not! With the trusty SP-X sniper rifle acquired through the Dead Drop, a few well-placed shots will swiftly eliminate your target.

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It’s important to note that killing the Chemist is not enough to complete the Untraceable mission. To successfully finish the mission and reap its rewards, players must also return to the Sattiq Caves Dead Drop and re-deposit the SP-X 80 into the dumpster.

Exciting Rewards for Completing the Untraceable Mission in DMZ

Just like other DMZ missions in Warzone 2, the Untraceable Story Mission offers some enticing rewards for those who complete it.

Players will have the satisfaction of earning the exclusive After the Fight Calling Card, along with a bonus of 7,500 XP upon completing the Untraceable mission.

That’s all the valuable information you need to successfully complete the Untraceable mission in Warzone 2 DMZ. For the latest updates on DMZ and Warzone 2, especially as we approach Season 3 Reloaded, make sure to stay tuned with us at Twinfinite.

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