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Wake Up Art Cullagh BG3: A Comprehensive Guide on the House of Healing and Conquering Malus Thorm

Are you wondering how to wake up Art Cullagh in Baldur’s Gate 3? Well, get ready for an exciting and adventurous quest that will take you through some of the most captivating locations in the game. Along the way, you’ll encounter unexpected twists and turns, leading up to an epic boss battle that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

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If you’re looking to recruit the shape-shifting Druid, Halsin, and add him to your party of Baldur’s Gate 3 companions, completing this quest is essential. Luckily, waking up Art Cullagh is not only one of the best side quests in the game, but it’s also worth it to have Halsin on your team. Here are the steps you need to follow to accomplish this in BG3.

Start by heading to the Last Light Inn. Once you enter, take the first door on your right. Inside, you’ll find Art Cullagh lying on a bed. Speak to him and then speak to the woman next to him. This will trigger a dialogue about Thaniel.

Afterwards, return to your camp and speak to Halsin. Let him know that you overheard Art Cullagh talking about Thaniel. Halsin will join you and accompany you back to the Last Light Inn. No need to make extra room in your party for Halsin.

Once you reach the Last Light Inn, find Halsin seated next to Art Cullagh. Speak to Halsin, and he will give you a letter with directions to the House of Healing.

Location of the House of Healing

To find the House of Healing, head southwest until you reach the Rethiwin Mason’s Guild. Enter the guild and continue past the wooden hatch and elevator crane. You’ll come across an iron gate with a person named Arabella on the other side.

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Arabella will have a request for you, which you can choose to accept or deny. However, you need to proceed to reach the Mausoleum. Defeat the shadow-cursed harpers and shadows outside the Mausoleum. Then, turn right and pass through the gates of the cemetery.

Follow the main path until you reach a locked door. Pick the lock to enter the House of Healing. To reach your final destination, go through the wooden doors on your left.

Boss Fight: Malus Thorm

At this point, you’ll encounter Malus Thorm, a formidable boss in Baldur’s Gate 3. He deals raw damage and can deliver powerful blows with a single hit. The key to defeating him is to focus on taking out his assistants, who are trying to reach him to give him special tools.

If you’re playing Baldur’s Gate 3, you may find yourself facing the formidable Malus Thorm. However, here’s an interesting alternative: instead of engaging in combat, you have the option to persuade Malus Thorm to let the sisters perform surgery on him. By doing so, you can completely skip the fight altogether and progress in a different way.

Waking up Art Cullagh

Once you have defeated him, make sure to check Malus Thorm’s inventory for a battered lute with the initials AC scratched on it. Take this lute and return to the Last Light Inn. There, you will find Art and Halsin. Choose the option to play the lute, which will wake Art Cullagh up. You can then decide whether to talk to him yourself or let Halsin handle the conversation. This will initiate Halsin’s next quest and potentially turn Art Cullagh into your companion.

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Now that you know how to wake up Art Cullagh in Baldur’s Gate 3, make sure to check out our guides on BG3 Karlach and BG3 Wyll and how to recruit them for more companion quests.






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