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Exploring Another Last City in Destiny 2: The Unknown Secrets of Daphne Fama

Welcome to Destiny 2, Guardian! Great news for new and veteran players alike – the highly sought-after Exotic Fusion Rifle known as Arbalest is now easily accessible. And the best part? Veterans have a chance to obtain it without having to use an Upgrade Module. Let’s dive into how to complete the captivating quest “Another Last City” and add the Arbalest to your arsenal.

To begin, we need to travel back to where it all started – the legendary Cosmodrome. Make your way to the planet’s vendor, Shaw Han, who has the Exotic Quest waiting for you. The best part is that you don’t need to complete any special requirements to claim it.

Once you have the quest in your inventory, get ready to embark on a seven-step journey.

The first step requires you to defeat enemies of the Traveler wherever they may be. Remember, the more powerful the foe, the more progress you’ll make.

  • Progress: 0/100

An excellent location to tackle this step is Sorrow’s Harbor, where you’ll encounter an abundance of mobs thanks to the Nightmare Altars. Here, you’ll find a diverse mix of regular enemies such as Thralls and Acolytes, as well as stronger yellow-bar enemies that will significantly contribute to your progress. Additionally, nearby Guardians engaging in the chaos will further aid you in swiftly completing this step.

  • Progress: 0/50

For this step, it is highly recommended to remain in Sorrow’s Harbor. If you are a Warlock with the Strand subclass, unleash the power of your Threadlings, which will seek out enemies like guided missiles. As with the previous step, Guardians fighting alongside you will also contribute to your progress, so stick together and conquer the darkness.

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While you await the schematic to finish processing the data, complete the quest titled “A Guardian Rises.”

  • Quest completed

If you’re an experienced Guardian, you can skip this step. However, new players will have to put in a bit more effort. Return to Shaw on the Cosmodrome and pick up the quest “A Guardian Rises”. Don’t be intimidated by its 21 steps, as it primarily serves as a tutorial and is definitely worth doing. Plus, you’ll be rewarded with the powerful Arbalest and not just a mediocre green ship at the end. Throughout the quest, you can expect to complete a few strikes, bounties, and a Lost Sector.

  • Speak with Banshee-44

Banshee-44, our beloved Grandpa Exo, might have some memory issues, but he’ll mumble about a list of tasks you need to complete in Neomuna.

We hold great admiration for Banshee-44, who sacrificed his mind for the betterment of humanity. So, let’s head to Neomuna and get these tasks done.

Defeat enemy combatants and participate in public events in the newly discovered destination: Neomuna.

  • Defeat combatants 0/100
  • Complete public events 0/3

This step is a two-birds-one-stone situation. By completing public events, you’ll likely defeat around 100 combatants in the process. Keep jumping between the two combat zones and their events to make the most progress.

Defeat targets using any Fusion Rifle or Linear Fusion Rifle. Defeating other Guardians will grant you additional progress.

Mastering the Hunt: Tips for Completing the Linear Fusion Rifle Quest in Destiny 2

As a Guardian in Destiny 2, you’re constantly on the hunt for powerful weapons to aid you in your battles against the forces of darkness. One such weapon is the Linear Fusion Rifle, a formidable tool that requires skill and strategy to wield effectively.

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Completing the Linear Fusion Rifle quest may seem like a daunting task at first, but fear not! With the right approach and a bit of patience, you’ll be able to conquer it and earn this incredible weapon for yourself.

Challenge of Ammunition

It’s important to note that both Fusion Rifles and Linear Fusion Rifles rely on special ammo, which can be limited. This limitation is in place to balance their immense power. However, this can make the quest feel like a true slog. Have no fear, though! There are ways to overcome this challenge.

Choose the Right Battleground

If you’re a New Light Guardian, head over to Sorrow’s Harbor at the Altar of Nightmares. Here, you’ll find plenty of enemies to engage with and farm for the necessary kills. However, if you’ve completed the Lightfall campaign and your Guardian is stronger, consider taking on Terminal Overloads. This mission not only provides a plethora of enemies, but also drops heavy ammo between encounters, making your task much easier.

Stay out of the Crucible

While bringing the quest into the Crucible may seem tempting due to the additional progress it grants, it’s not recommended. The rewards you’ll earn won’t outweigh the investment and effort required in the fast-paced PvP environment. Focus on PvE activities for better results.

Turning in the Schematic

After completing the quest requirements, it’s time to return to the Tower. Make your way to the Tower Courtyard and seek out Banshee-44, the grizzled gunsmith. Deliver the completed schematic to him, and in return, he’ll reward you with the Arbalest. It’s an exotic weapon with a mysterious origin, hinted at in its lore. Legends suggest it was wielded by Lord Shaxx during the Dark Ages when he was a War Lord.

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Unleash Your Guardian’s Potential

Now armed with the Arbalest, your Guardian is ready to face new challenges and triumph over even the strongest of foes. If you’re hungry for more exotic weapons to add to your arsenal, be sure to check out our guide on How to Get Winterbite in Destiny 2. The journey never ends for a Guardian with a thirst for power!






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