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BG3 Ally with Gortesh: A Comprehensive Walkthrough for Managing Alliances in Baldur’s Gate 3

Once you step foot inside the Lower City gates in Baldur’s Gate 3, the story kicks into high gear, presenting you with a crucial decision: Should you side with Lord Gortash or not? In this guide, we’ll explore whether Gortash makes a better ally than Orin, or if it’s best to disregard both of them altogether.

How to Reach Lower City and Find Gortash

Gortash awaits your arrival at Wrym’s Crossing in Rivington, just by the gates of the Lower City. However, the bridge leading to Wrym’s Crossing is raised, and the Rivington guards won’t let you through without a pass. There are two ways to obtain this pass:

Both of these options involve completing lengthy but rewarding quests. However, if you’re short on time, there is one more alternative: get yourself arrested by a guard. Engage in activities like stealing, assault, or trespassing, and when caught, choose to be taken to Wyrm’s Rock Prison. Escape your cell by picklocking it and sneaking past the guards. This will place you directly in front of Gortash’s coronation at Wrym’s Crossing, and the whole process can be done in just a couple of minutes.

If petty crime isn’t your style, refer to our guide on how to enter the Lower City for more information on the other two quest options.

The short answer is yes, for now, it’s advisable to trust Lord Gortash and join forces with him against Orin. In the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate 3, you will encounter Gortash before encountering Orin or the Elder Brain. Moreover, it happens during his coronation as the Duke, which grants him a significant amount of power.

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What Happens if You Side with Gortash

The majority of Flaming Fist Guards and Steel Watchers are under Lord Gortash’s command. By aligning with him, these factions will generally ignore you unless provoked. This grants you substantial freedom within the city. Compared to Orin, Gortash also proves to be more stable.

It’s worth noting that you always have the option to betray these characters completely. Once you acquire what you need to confront the Elder Brain, you can turn against Gortash as well. This makes the alliance purely situational but comes with several benefits.

If you decide to side with Gortash, he will ask you to kill Orin and retrieve her Netherstone. Once you have it, you can choose to betray him by instigating a battle in his chambers on the top floor of Wrym’s Rock Fortress. Alternatively, you can convince him to form an alliance while retaining both Netherstones for yourself. If you form an alliance, Gortash must accompany you when confronting the Elder Brain in order to utilize his third Netherstone.

What Happens if You Defeat Gortash?

If you choose to challenge Gortash during his coronation, be prepared for a fierce battle. Gortash commands a formidable army of sentries, and within the fortress, there are ten mechanized Steel Watch guards that will not hesitate to attack you. Despite your bravery, taking on Gortash at this point will likely result in a fatal outcome. It is advisable to reconsider and postpone his demise for a later time.

Before confronting Gortash, it is highly recommended to prioritize dismantling the Steel Watch Foundry. By doing so, the Steel Watch guards will be eliminated, significantly weakening Gortash. This strategic move will make the fight against him in his private chambers much more manageable.

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Once you have successfully defeated Gortash, make sure to loot the Netherstone from his gauntlets. This valuable item will be of great significance, especially if you haven’t dealt with Orin yet. Giving the Netherstone to Orin will please her, and you will have the opportunity to handle her accordingly. However, if you have already dealt with Orin, acquiring three Netherstones is a crucial step towards confronting the formidable Elder Brain.

Should You Align Yourself with Orin in Baldur’s Gate 3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Orin’s influence within the city is comparatively limited, and she heavily relies on her doppelganger assassins. Joining forces with her may provide some protection against attacks, but Lord Gortash offers more substantial advantages. Therefore, it is recommended to sideline Orin and, if necessary, eliminate her before engaging with other major players in the game.

Choosing Orin’s Side: The Consequences

Opting to support Orin in your Baldur’s Gate 3 journey can have dire consequences. Orin’s objective is to destroy half of Baldur’s Gate, focusing solely on deadly assassinations. Aligning with her would only aid Bhaal in gaining more power, a scenario that would be detrimental for everyone in the game.

Aside from the negative implications, siding with Orin doesn’t offer much benefit. She will ask you to eliminate Gortash on her behalf, retrieve his Netherstone, and then engage in a final battle with her. Interestingly, even if you side with Orin, you will still have to defeat her eventually. The only advantage of this decision is that she won’t harm your kidnapped companion. However, it is entirely possible to keep your companion alive even if you don’t choose her side.

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Eliminating Orin: What to Expect

Killing Orin is an inevitable outcome in Baldur’s Gate 3, regardless of the path you choose. This action will not only free your kidnapped companion if Orin had captured them, but it will also allow you to retrieve the Netherstone from her dagger. Armed with this valuable item, you can confront the Elder Brain with or without Gortash, or directly engage with the Elder Brain if you have already taken care of Gortash. Eliminating Orin is a necessary evil, as it will move the game forward.

Keep in mind that Gortash and Orin are not the only morally ambiguous characters seeking an alliance. Before placing your trust in another devil, find out if siding with Raphael in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the right choice for you.






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