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Mastering the Chamber of Strategy BG3: A Complete Guide on Solving Puzzles and Winning Trials in Baldur’s Gate 3

Who doesn’t love a good strategy, especially when it comes to solving puzzles in a game like Baldur’s Gate 3? In the Chamber of Strategy, you’ll need to put on your thinking cap to complete the puzzle. But fret not, I’ve got you covered with a simple solution.

To access the Chamber of Strategy, you need to first reach the Wyrmway. This can be done after rescuing Grand Duke Ravengard from the Iron Throne as part of Wyll’s The Blade of Frontiers quest. Once you’ve saved Ravengard, he will inform you about the dragon Ansur and task you with finding the entrance to the dragon’s lair.

The entrance to the Wyrmway is located in the Wyrm’s Rock Prison. As you enter the prison, take a left turn just before reaching the cells. At the end of the hallway, you’ll spot two dragon heads facing each other in a nook on the left-hand wall. Use a spell or a lightning arrow to damage these heads, and the entrance to the Wyrmway should appear.

Once you’re inside the Wyrmway, follow the path until you reach a circular area with multiple paths branching off. The Chamber of Strategy can be found behind the door directly to the right of the large center-most door that you’re trying to enter.

How to Solve the Chamber of Strategy in Baldur’s Gate 3’s Wyrmway

Upon entering the Chamber of Strategy, you’ll come across a statue of Balduran. He will instruct you to take the Black King Piece in two turns. In this chamber, there’s a chessboard, and your objective is to move the pieces to capture the king.

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But wait, there’s an easier way to achieve this.

Examine the Black King Piece closely and you’ll notice that it has resistance to almost everything, except lightning damage. It takes double damage from lightning.

Here’s the trick: bring one or two warlocks and have them use Witch Bolt on the Black King Piece. If you have scrolls that can deal enough lightning damage to take down the piece in two turns, those will work too. The Black King Piece doesn’t have much health, so you should be able to defeat it without much difficulty.

To execute this strategy effectively, make sure to enter Turn Base mode. On PC, look at the hotbar at the bottom of the screen, and if you’re on PS5, press L2 to enter the character menu. Look for a gold circle with an hourglass symbol and click or press it to activate turn-based mode.

When playing the Chamber of Strategy puzzle in BG3, it’s crucial to maintain focus and make your moves in turn-based mode. If you attempt to make a move outside of turn-based mode, your character will lose concentration and the spell will be interrupted, allowing the Black King Piece to regain health. To ensure success, you need to keep the game in turn-based mode, giving you ample time to strategize and attack the Black King Piece with various scrolls or spellcasters in your party.

Mastering the Chamber of Strategy Puzzle: Achieving Checkmate

Are you ready to put your puzzle-solving skills to the test in the Chamber of Strategy puzzle? While we can’t provide a specific solution for checkmating the black king piece, we can offer some general guidance to set you on the right path.

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The Chamber of Strategy puzzle presents you with three opportunities to achieve checkmate in just two turns. If your move on the first turn doesn’t result in a checkmate on the second turn, the board will reset, and one of your three chances will be deducted. Therefore, if your first move doesn’t trigger a reset, you can be confident that you’ve made a good move and can focus on planning your next move.

In chess, “checking” means placing your opponent’s king at risk, and in the Chamber of Strategy puzzle, this refers to the black king. When a king is in check, the opponent’s only option is to make a move that takes the king out of danger. Failure to do so will result in the game being forfeit.

Checkmating, on the other hand, involves putting your opponent’s king in a position where it can’t escape. Your ultimate goal is to achieve a checkmate by utilizing the movement patterns of your pieces to threaten the black king piece and block its possible moves.

If you’re not familiar with the movements of each chess piece, BG3 has a helpful feature that highlights all the valid directions a selected piece can move. Pay close attention to pieces like the queen, which can move in any direction, as it offers multiple avenues to block the black king’s path.

In our version of the Chamber of Strategy puzzle, we had to move our queen to check the black king, and then move it again directly in front of the king to achieve checkmate.

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To solve the puzzle, take some time to visualize the movement patterns of each piece on the board. Select each piece without moving it to get a clear picture of its potential moves. Identify the piece that can check the king, forcing it to defend itself. Once you find that piece, the next move should become more apparent. Remember, you only have two moves to complete the puzzle, so focus on the essential pieces that will lead you to victory.

With some patience and careful consideration, you’ll soon find yourself proudly boasting that you’ve defeated the Chamber of Strategy puzzle with your own strategic brilliance.

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Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in Baldur’s Gate 3? After conquering the challenging Chamber of Strategy, it’s time to dive into the exciting Wyrmway Trials. Within these trials, you will face the formidable Chamber of Justice and the formidable Chamber of Courage. Each of these chambers represents the qualities required for an ideal ruler, the very traits that Balduran possessed before his mysterious disappearance.

Prepare yourself for an epic journey as you take on all the Wyrmway Trials in Baldur’s Gate 3. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with quick and efficient solutions to guide you through each trial:






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