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Unlocking BG3 Secrets: Your Ultimate Guide to Umbral Gem, Gauntlet of Shar Quest, and Madison Benson’s Angle

The Umbral Gem puzzle in the Gauntlet of Shar may initially seem perplexing, but fear not! There is a definitive solution to this challenge in Baldur’s Gate 3, and we’re here to guide you through it.

Starting the Gauntlet of Shar Quest

To embark on the Gauntlet of Shar Umbral Gem puzzle, you’ll need to progress through Shadowheart’s personal quests. The Gauntlet of Shar is part of the Daughter of Darkness questline. Begin by speaking to Aradin in the Druids’ Grove to initiate the Find the Nightsong side quest.

Finding the Gauntlet of Shar Umbral Gem Puzzle

To locate the Gauntlet of Shar and uncover its precious gems, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Teleport to the Grand Mausoleum waypoint within Reithwin Town (X:-284, Y:-848).
  2. Use your Perception skill to spot and disable the various traps scattered throughout the area.
  3. Click the buttons beneath the large paintings on the wall in a specific sequence: Moonrise Towers Painting, Grief Painting, Ketheric Thorm’s Painting.
  4. Interacting with the Ketheric Thorm’s painting will cause a hidden wall to open beside it.
  5. Enter the newly revealed room and interact with the Traversal Gem to descend into the Gauntlet of Shar.

By following these instructions, you’ll successfully navigate the Gauntlet of Shar Umbral Gem puzzle and continue your quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. Happy gaming!

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As a proud Mac user, you have the advantage of easily capturing and modifying high-quality screenshots. Whether you want to capture an entire screen, a specific window, or just a section of it, Mac offers a range of convenient shortcuts to make your life easier.

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Discover the power of the Umbral Gem in Baldur’s Gate 3

In the captivating world of Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll encounter formidable enemies that require specialized tools to defeat. One such tool is the powerful Umbral Gem, essential in neutralizing the immortality of Ketheric Thorm. To obtain this gem, you’ll need to navigate through the intricate Gauntlet of Shar, which presents a series of challenging puzzles.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to solve the Umbral Gem puzzle within the Gauntlet of Shar:

  • Enter the east and west rooms and activate the levers to lower the mystical Thuribles.
  • Extinguish all eight flames scattered throughout the area.
  • Navigate through the maze and interact with the Umbral Gem to successfully solve the puzzle.

Be cautious as you progress. If your character approaches the center of the room before extinguishing the Mystic Thurible’s flames, a statue will knock them back. Although this doesn’t cause any damage, it impedes your ability to interact with the Umbral Gem.

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Keep an eye out for traps along the way. If your Perception Checks are successful, your character will alert you to the presence of hidden traps on the floor. Activating these traps results in the room filling with blinding gas, inflicting damage on your party until they are incapacitated. Utilizing turn-based mode can make maneuvering around the traps easier, minimizing the risk of accidentally triggering them.

Locating the Levers for the Umbral Gem Puzzle

Within the room, you’ll find four levers that are crucial to completing this intricate puzzle:

  • Lever One: Located in the southwest room at coordinates (X: -729, Y: -862).
  • Lever Two: Located in the northwest room at coordinates (X: -729, Y: -832).
  • Lever Three: Located in the southeast room at coordinates (X: -705, Y: -862).
  • Lever Four: Located in the northeast room at coordinates (X: -705, Y: -833).

By pulling each lever, you can lower the Mystic Thuribles to the floor, granting you access to interact with them. Engage all eight lights to create a darkened atmosphere, activate the maze, and disable the statue’s knockback effect. Successfully navigating the maze will lead you to the coveted Umbral Gem, marking the completion of the puzzle.

Remember to stow away any weapons or items that emit light (like the Blood of Lathander Mace) to ensure optimal gameplay.

Once you interact with the purple Umbral Gem in front of the statue, you will progress to the next area, the Silent Library. Here, you will face off against The Librarian, a statue that silences the room, rendering spells unusable. Clearing all enemies within the room is essential to proceed.

Discover All Umbral Gem Locations in Baldur’s Gate 3

Uncover the whereabouts of all Umbral Gems in Baldur’s Gate 3 with the following list:

  • Soft-step Trial
  • Self-same Trial
  • Faith-step Trial
  • Yurgir’s Tribulation

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available on PC, Mac, and soon on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. For more thrilling details about the game, delve into the consequences of using Illithid Powers in BG3. Click on the game tag below to explore our extensive content library!






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