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Destroy Hurts Ship Starfield: The Governor’s Secret and Your Choices Explained

As an intrepid explorer in the vast world of Starfield, you’ll often find yourself grappling with challenging ethical dilemmas. One such decision arises early on in your journey when you encounter Governor Hurst of Cydonia. Throughout the Red Tape Blues quest line, you will learn about the predicament he faces and the surprising request he makes of you – to destroy his ship.

The Motivation Behind Governor Hurst’s Unusual Request

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Blackmail or Turn in Governor Hurst? The Dilemma Unveiled

When embarking on a mission to retrieve a shipment for Peter Brennan from Governor Hurst, you quickly discover a web of hidden agendas. Hurst reveals that his ship was seized by Crimson Fleet pirates, and he requests their elimination, hinting at the ulterior motives behind his actions.

Upon reaching Hurst’s ship, you have the opportunity to communicate with the pirates on board. By successfully persuading them, you can gain access and uncover a letter written by Hurst himself, which can potentially be used as leverage to blackmail him.

The decision of whether to blackmail or turn in Governor Hurst rests solely on your shoulders. However, delving deeper into the ship, you stumble upon a damning discovery – the lifeless body of the woman with whom Hurst was involved in an illicit affair. It becomes evident that the governor intended to cover up this incident and write it off as an insurance claim, casting doubt on his claims of being a “man of the people.”

The choice you make regarding the fate of Governor Hurst holds weight and moral implications. Will you choose justice and expose his deception, or will you opt for personal gain by using the blackmail material? The decision is yours to make in this intriguing and morally complex scenario.

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When it comes to Bethesda’s style of quest, you’re in for some decision-making. The choice is yours to make in how you handle the situation. You can opt to do nothing and simply deliver the package to Peter Brennan, pretending to have destroyed the ship, regardless of whether or not you actually did. But if you’re feeling more adventurous, you have two options to put your findings to good use.

Firstly, if you choose to blackmail Hurst, you might not be doing any favors for the city of Cydonia, but your wallet will certainly thank you. By blackmailing Hurst, you’ll not only receive the 17,000 credits reward but also get your hands on the package intended for Peter Brennan. Of course, this choice won’t win you any popularity points with Hurst, but sometimes it’s more important to prioritize our personal gain. To initiate the blackmail dialogue, make sure to choose ‘How about you pay me a little extra to keep this quiet’.

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If you’re ready to bring justice and expose Hurst’s wrongdoing, head over to the UC Security office located in Cydonia on your Mac. Speak with CDR Woodard, as he holds the key to taking down Hurst. Present him with the two crucial pieces of evidence that will incriminate Hurst. Once you hand over the evidence, the authorities will swing into action, arresting Hurst, and appointing Woodard as the acting governor. The satisfaction of seeing justice served is immeasurable.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling cunning and strategic, you can choose to deceive Hurst and still benefit from the package delivery. However, keep in mind that this path might have unforeseen consequences during the end-game stages of the storyline. Proceed with caution.

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As much as we’d love to take control of Hurst’s ship, unfortunately, that’s not an option regardless of the route you choose. We tested this scenario and received a prompt that informed us, “You are not authorized to pilot this ship.” So, let’s focus on the task at hand and leave the flying to authorized personnel.

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While you may not be able to acquire this particular ship, there are still numerous opportunities for you to obtain a free vessel like the Kepler R. Take advantage of these chances to expand your fleet and enhance your gameplay experience in Starfield.

That wraps up our discussion on whether or not you should destroy Hurst’s ship in Starfield. It’s important to note that if you choose to take this action with Sarah Morgan by your side, she may not appreciate your decision to blackmail Hurst and let him escape the consequences. Keep this in mind if you’re hoping to pursue a romantic relationship with her. Alternatively, if you’re simply looking to part ways with her, you can find out how to do so here.

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